Thursday, March 6, 2008

Finally Settling In

Later today I plan on posting a play by play of his birth, but until then...the latest update:

This morning we took him to the dr and to a lab to be retested. His biliruben rose again, but it's still in a safe range, so we're just sticking to using the biliblanket. The blanket is great because he can just have it under his clothes and still be wrapped tight. This boy does not like to be loose! Under the lamps for 24 hours was torture because he couldn't be held or wrapped this is way better. He's sleeping constantly, and eating well, so we are confident the biliruben will improve by this weekend. We go to retest again tomorrow.

I did want to remember that he seems to think 2 AM is the best time to be awake. For the last few nights, he's had a feeding around that time and wanted to look around for awhile afterwards. We may have days and nights messed up, which will be fun once he's awake more. Last night I set up the mobile and he studied it for a long time.

And I posted some photos to compare Charlie, Chance, and Chandler. So many have asked who he favors...I'll leave it up to you. I see a little bit of both in him, plus his own look. It's a marvelous thing! Here are a few of the set:

Comparing Charlie & Chandler

Comparing Chance & Chandler

Lil Sunbather

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Mells said...

Wow! Chandler does have a little of both brothers. That's cool! :) I'm so glad that you are settling in. :) I will continue to pray for you all. BTW- is the blanket a new thing? I wish that we had that for Rachel when she was jaundiced. ;)
Love, Melony