Friday, March 28, 2008

Coming up to Breathe

I know I'm WAY behind on posting. Chalk it up to life with three kids.

For Easter we went to Austin, and saw lots of loved ones. We spent Saturday at Chuck's parents' house, and had a steady stream of visitors. It was so fun! Then Charlie & Chance spent the night at Nana & Big Daddy's, and went to the Villareal family party. We went to church that morning then joined them at the party later. Unfortunately I didn't get there in time for the big egg hunt, so my photos aren't very "Easter-y" (yes, I made up a word.).

A few of Saturday's visitors:

"Big Daddy's here"
(Big Daddy)

Aunt Meme
(Aunt Meme)

Chandler meets Great Grandma
(Great Grandma Thier)

One thing I've noticed is how much the little ones of our family have grown.

Remember sweet Liliana? I know I've shown her picture here a few times.
Anna's Shower
(In August of last year)

Sweet dreams, Sweet Liliana

And I'm sure you know Elijah by now:
Elijah Louis Boston
(May of last year)

Elijah 10 months

And then there's Kaleb, who's birthday happens to be the start date for my last pregnancy. Coincidence? I think not. ;)

Welcome Kaleb! --
(June of last year)

Getting big

And then there's this guy:
Lil Sunbather
(3 weeks ago)

The black and whites
(now, he's up to 10.5 pounds!)

Ok, so on to Easter pics...

Daddy bonding

I love how his eyes look green
[Chance's eyes look green, I love it! This is the only pic I got of him on Easter.]

Egg hunted-out
[And here's the only one I got of Charlie, on the way home.]

There ya have it, proof that having 3 kids means less pictures. I'm trying to fight it, but it's just inevitable. Things like blogging and photography are becoming extraneous to things like feeding and bathing the kids...and sleeping. In fact there were 2 days this week that I didn't take! I wish I'd known more about photography when I only had one kid (and had owned the equipment), when I truly had time to take photos!

But I did manage a few photos yesterday:


6 little (big) feet




Mells said...

I love the pics that you do get up on your blog and flickr. :) I just have to say, I LOVED holding Chandler the other day at Bible Study. Thanks for sharing him with us! (Kim and I were talking about how much we love the "new baby scent"!)

You are a wonderful mommy! Super job Angie! God bless you all! :)
Love, Melony

Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Your pictures are amazing ANG! I still think you should start a company - they are wonderful! You and your family are precious! I love all the stories and cute pics! Love you all!