Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ahhh, there's no place like home!

We're home!!

Oh yes, that's right! We're home! Woohoo! Thank You, Lord!

The biliruben levels are still slightly concerning so Chandler is wrapped in a biliblanket tonight, and will be retested tomorrow. Technically we could end up at the hospital again, with him under the lamps again. But we're hoping not :)

We are acutely aware of how blessed we are, not only to have a healthy baby, but so many friends and family who care. We couldn't have survived without all the help and encouragement. Thank you again for everything.

Oh, and I have a few more pictures up - shocker, I know...

More Chandler :)
He sleeps with his mouth open a lot (something Charlie also did).

More Chandler :)
I LOVE this blanket, thanks Jill!!

Jaundice lamps
He was under the lamps for jaundice for 24 hours.

Lil Sunbather
Afterwards, I kept him in the sun to also help clear up the jaundice. Doesn't he look so relaxed?!

More Chandler :)
Long and skinny - that sums up a lot of him, but especially his feet, toes, and fingers.

More Chandler :)
He's quite the sleeper...and eater. Temperament so far seems pretty laid back, although he turns red when he gets mad - if someone disturbs him from sleeping or eating. Ha!

I still have so much more to catch you up on...but I gotta go feed the boy and catch some zzz's. This is life for now :)


Mells said...

Yeah! Praise God you all are home! :0) Thanks for sharing so many pics! :) I feel like I'm there! :) God bless you all!
Love, Melony

Melisse said...

Praise the Lord! What a cutie-pie!!

My third baby was a big sleeper too...I think she was already used to the noise and constant activity. In fact, when there was no on in the room or it was totally quiet, that is when she'd wake up!