Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We've traumatized our kids

It struck me that all of our kids have been traumatized lately, LOL. Here's what I mean:

1. Charlie. Last night he found a book that I've never read him before called "I love you forever." I already knew I couldn't read it without crying before I started, and not just because I'm pregnant. If you haven't read it, it shows a mom holding her son thru various ages of his life and singing "I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." Then the son grows up, comes to see his dying mom and she tries to sing it but is too weak, so he holds her and sings it with "as long as I'm living, my mommy you'll be." Then he goes to his home and holds his newborn and sings it to her. See, I told you it was a gusher!! But Charlie's old enough now to really understand it, and I wasn't the only one crying! He told me that the part where the son holds the mom is what makes him cry! We were both bawling. LOL.

2. Chance. His is more of a physical trauma. Sunday night we were sitting at the dining table with some friends, and had the windows near us open. They're really low windows, so he goes up and pushes on the screen to the point that it falls off, and he falls out with it!! It was the weirdest thing seeing him go head first, with his feet straight up in the air, right out the window! He got some scratches above his eye from the impact on the ground. Our friends were laughing about how the last time they were over, Chuck was throwing Chance in the air and he got hit by a ceiling fan blade! And THEN last night Chance was playing with Charlie and he ran into him, noggin to noggin, and we were worried he might have a concussion because he was wanting to fall asleep. The good news is, he's fine...just a little beat up!

3. Chandler. Monday night Chuck and I went to see Beowolf in 3D on the IMAX. While it was worth seeing, it's a total guy-flick, with lots of violence and adult humor. Anyhow, while I often would just cover my eyes to avoid seeing the blood splatters, there wasn't much of a way of covering Chandler's ears to the screams as monster and humans killed each other. He would move a lot in my womb when it would get loud. I told Chuck Chandler hasn't even been born yet, and he's probably already scared! LOL.

4. Charlie & Chance. I don't know if a new brother coming is exactly traumatizing, but I think they can definitely sense the winds of change. They have been so close lately. Last week on the playground, they stuck together, which is quite rare. Usually Charlie finds (older) kids to play with and Chance wants to play alone. Yet I saw both of them give up their preferences to play side by side. Then Charlie spent a few days with Big Daddy & Nana, and I saw how much Chance missed him. Every time Chance would wake up he would go looking for Charlie, and even as we went to church yesterday, he said "Yay! Bible class! Char-dee!!" So they were quite excited to be reunited yesterday afternoon!

[On the playground.]
Playground fun

Playground fun

Partners in crime

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