Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Post a Day

That's been my average lately, and while I didn't have anything too exciting for today, it felt kinda weird not posting one. So I thought you might enjoy seeing what the boys have been up to. That, and blogging helps me feel somewhat productive, considering I'm to the point that I don't want to move anymore. Ha!

As I mentioned before, Charlie was gone a few days this week, and you could see the effect on Chance. He was simply lost with Brother. He kept asking for sink baths, I think because if he took a bath in the tub, he'd miss his playmate. So I managed to get a pic of him in all his sink-bath cuteness. It won't be long before he's too big for the sink...

Sink bath

And one thing I've found difficult since I've had these boys is finding time to study. While Charlie was gone, Chance was happy to sit and color, so I managed to actually get my study done! This is truly a rare and momentous event. I have a feeling it's about to get even harder once Chandler's here, too. So this photo just gives me all kinds of excitement!

One fine day

But once they were reunited, the boys were back to being partners in crime. Here's how they told me they wanted to drive the car...they just climbed right in!

2 lil monkeys

Here's Chance pretend-driving. It's one of his favorite activities these days. He tells us good-bye, then makes driving noises and messes with all of the buttons he can find.

Drive, Mommy, Drive!

And because I'm attempting to do a picture a day of the boys, here's the only real picture of Charlie he would let me take...Little smirker! He definitely has photographer's kid syndrome.

Rule of 3rds crop

And Friday we had an exciting event, in addition to the sonogram for Chandler. A friend came over with his bob cat (Chance calls it a "trac tra" for tractor), and started clearing out our backyard so we can get a playground back there. This is something I've looked forward to since we moved in 2 years ago. I have big dreams for the boys for that space. And for you cedar sufferers, may you get as much glee out of seeing that cedar tree uprooted as I did! :)

Construction Men Hard at Work

Anyhow, the boys decided to imitate the tractor and work hard with the dirt, as you can see. Charlie preferred to get covered in it...

Construction Men Hard at Work

And poor Chance, he was just a little afraid of the trac-tra. Anytime it got loud, he'd just stare at it, or go running into the house for awhile.

Construction Men Hard at Work

But when he wasn't scared, he would find his construction trucks and have them dig in the dirt, too. It was so cute.

Construction Men Hard at Work

There now, I feel better, don't you?! I'm thinking that since things will be getting hectic in a couple of weeks, and because I physically can't do much else, I might as well take as many photos and blog as much as I can. So stay tuned for more childhood fun...


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

Those are the cutest pictures of the boys and so exciting about your backyard! I love it!

Mells said...

You're so good! I'm glad that you are doing as much blogging now before Chandler gets here. I just love to read about what you and the family are up to. :) BTW, Ben & I saw Charlie and Chuck yesterday at church! :) Charlie seemed to have gotten a little lost after Treasure Time! ;) God bless you all! :)
Love, Melony

Lady Jane Grey said...

your photos are lovely... they belong in Martha Stewart's Living magazine.

Great seeing y'all yesterday!! :)

Stacia said...

I'm telling you, you're giving me a complex with all your blogging and picture taking. I need to get after it and I agree I think it might only get harder once baby Three is here.

I'm proud you got your study done, that is a major accomplishment!