Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playscape concluded, Chandler's latest news

Ok, so two quick things before I go to bed, and obtain some of that precious sleep that I know I won't be getting after Friday...

(skip this if you're a guy, or don't want to hear about labor stuff...)
I saw the Dr yesterday, and got some very good news! 10 days before when we did the sono, she was a little worried about Chandler's big head, and how "high up" he was. Well, I did some walking, and he's dropped some! I've dilated to 2 cm, he's at -1 station, I've effaced a bit more (70%), etc - so we're progressing!! Who knows, maybe we won't make it to Saturday---maybe Chandler will come on Leap Day, Friday (2/29). At least that's what Chuck and many of his friends think would be cool... My practice contractions are getting stronger, so who knows...

Yesterday it was a high of 91 degrees (!) outside, so the boys spent nearly the whole day playing in the backyard...and I just knew you'd want to see pictures ;) Because, really, it's all about the pictures, right?! At least that's what I keep telling myself (as I feed the photography monster).

Playscape nearly finished

More playscape

Chance's version of swinging

Didn't Chuck (and his dad) do a great job building the playscape!?! Basically we found that this was cheaper than buying a quality playscape that was already built...even including the cost of some new tools that Chuck's been wanting. It was definitely more work (like a full day more), but I asked Chuck if he thought it was worth it and he said "Yes, I'm glad I did it. I just don't ever want to do it again!" Ha!

Back to Chandler...
So barring any unforeseen events, we go into the hospital at 6 AM Saturday. I am hoping we'll have wifi there so we can update the blog soon after he's born. If you're a friend/family in the area, please feel free to email me this week (angie@thethiers.com) and I can make sure you're on the email list or phone list -especially if you want to come visit. I know some people like alone time after a baby is born...but I'm not one of those people. The more who come to celebrate with us, the better... And of course, "Thank You" to so many who are praying for us. That's a great source of comfort, and encouragement!

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Stacia said...

Can't wait to see that little guy. Being 70% effaced is awesome. Keep up the walking. Maybe try that Aqua class tomorrow. :) I wouldn't worry about it. My Dr. keeps saying baby 3 should come quickly since our body knows what to do.

I'm glad Chuck got the playscape all finished. It looks great and I'm sure he's proud of it. You are going to LOVE having that so you can let the boys go crazy outside while you stay inside. Though I think you may be right that they would probably be just as content with a little mud. This should be less messy.

Don't forget to email me friend and give me your cell so we can call on Saturday. Again, all rooms are private at North Central now so think about staying that extra night where you can get a little more rest and have nurses take care of Chandler for you.