Thursday, February 7, 2008

Picture Catch Up - Jan 23, 2008

33 weeks

Wow, it's been 9 days since my last post...that's almost a record! And actually Chuck is working on a new site layout for us, so that's why I've been holding off. Hopefully soon the new layout will be up...

First and foremost: I had another check up today and it looks like a week off did some good for the baby: I gained 9 pounds!! Whoa! Dr said I'm up to 35 total, which is about right for me (given the previous pregnancies). In 3 weeks I'll have a sonogram to see if we need to induce Chandler early (like 2 weeks after that). He's starting to drop already, on my usual schedule as well. The fun part of the appointment today was Charlie came with me. He stood right beside me to hear the baby's heart beat and laughed when the doctor told him the baby was running away...which he was, hehe. He didn't like the heartbeat monitor, and was kicking and moving like crazy....just like his brothers before him! While Charlie is excited about this baby now, he mentioned again today that he wanted a girl. I'm thinking he means that the doctor should be able to change it somehow. LOL.

Now for some random photos:

Ash Street Inn
[Another pic from our trip to NH. This is the Inn where we stayed. It was AWESOME! If you ever venture to Manchester NH, be sure to look up, and see if you can stay!]

[On the plane ride home I was able to play with Photoshop Elements some more. Here are a few that I was quite pleased with...]


Ahh, this new lens...
[You may want to click on this one of Chuck to see the incredible detail of his eyes. I'm in awe of this new lens!]

[Once we got in from NH to Chuck's parents' house, we had family there to greet us, which was sooo great!]
Elijah & his Mommy
[The boys' cousin Elijah, and his Mommy]

Kaleb 7 months & Grandpa
[The boys' cousin Kaleb, and Grandpa Thier]

William & Chance
[Chance with the youngest cousin, William.]

Charlie's Surprise
[One of the highlights of our trip was going to a Lego store. Chuck brought Charlie a lego set back, and the first thing they did when we returned was put it together.]

Then we returned home, and found our house to be a frigid 50 degrees inside! Our heater seemed to be working overtime for the first few days we were back, then I realized why: behind the living room curtain, Charlie had fully opened a window! So if anyone had wanted to break in while we were gone...he'd already prepared the way. :-P

[And since we've been home...]
Future Jockey
[Chance has been enjoying the horse Aunt Peg & Uncle Mike gave him for Christmas.]

Charlie's "Skateboard ramps"
[Charlie's been making "Skateboard ramps" out of his grilled cheese sandwich.]

[I've been playing with the Christmas decor, instead of putting it away!]

Ahh, I think that's long enough for now. ;) I hope you're enjoying this blistery winter weather as much as we are...and I hope you have all your windows closed!

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