Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Conversation with Chance

On the playground

Lately, Chance has been flexing his newfound decision-making skills. Here's what I mean:

"Mommy, Choo Choo, TV!"

Me: "You want to watch Choo Choo? (Polar Express)"

"No, Mommy, No Choo Choo. Cars!"

Me: "You want Cars?"

"Umm, Nah, Choo Choo, Mommy, Choo Choo!"

Me: "Ok, I'm going to put on Choo Choo."

(He waits until I get past the menu, and the movie starts...)

"No Choo Choo, Mommy!!! Nooooo." He'll then go into convulsions until I change the movie to Cars. So I'll change it to Cars...

This happens daily, often more than once, and about everything from what to wear, to what to drink or eat. You gotta love the terrible 2s.

He also has a harsh tone, where he'll correct Charlie. For instance, if Charlie asks me for a toy, Chance will say "No, Cha-dee, no toy!" Then if I hand the toy to Charlie, Chance instantly changes his tone to a quiet beg, "Pweas Cha-dee, share toy..."

I really need to video these conversations. It is quite fun. And who said only women were moody?! ;)

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