Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Backyard Adventures

So the big news around here is our backyard is prepped and ready for a playground. Chuck and I spent the last two days consumed with this issue: what kind of playscape should we get? We've learned this is not an easy decision. There are so many things to consider: safety, quality of wood and hardware, the layout (and how could the boys get hurt on this?), and of course...price. I knew these things get expensive fast, and now I can see how. Chuck has been on a mission, reading reviews, visiting stores, etc. We have it narrowed down we think, but still no decision.

All that to say, what did the boys do today while we were preoccupied with this matter? They played in the dirt! Something about the simplicity of it all made me think, why even bother with the playscape hunt? Let's just give'em shovels and let'em have at it! It was a beautiful day, which they enjoyed to the fullest. And I enjoyed that they did something besides watch tv all day. It's SO nice to have a backyard...and kids that keep you grounded.

Boys and Dirt

And here's Charlie afterwards, because he had dirt in every crevice of his body!

Dirty boy gets clean

Also, here are a few more of what the boys have been up to...I'm still trying to get a photo a day of each of them:

Big Daddy Strawberry
Charlie found this strawberry and said it's like his Big Daddy...and wouldn't let anyone eat it.

Baby, it's cold outside!
A couple of evenings ago, even though it was cold outside, Chance refused to come in. I thought he looked so cute in his matching Thomas pjs.

On his throne
Chance recently decided that his booster seat belongs on the ottoman. We call it his "throne."

Playing with metering
Charlie enjoys the ottoman, too. You gotta love that "just woke up" hair.

Will the dryer ever get old?
And here is why I've given up on nesting. Every time I seek to do something, the boys want right in the middle of it. It's too cute to be irritating. The clothes in the dryer are wet, but that didn't deter Chance from enjoying it.


Austin and Ashley Evans said...

So cute! Ang - you are quiet the photographer! Did you take a class? I will be calling you for photography lessons when we have kiddos! I especially love the one in the dryer - precious!

Kelly said...

That reminds me of the toys we used to get for Christmas - the toys were great, but the CARDBOARD BOXES they came in were good for hours of entertainment!