Thursday, February 7, 2008

1 cm and counting - and Charlie's 4th Bday Feb 6, 2008

Well, I'm sorry if this is more info than you want to hear (especially you fellas that might happen by)... but I'm 1 cm dilated!! Woo hooo! I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow, and we have the sono next Friday, Feb. 15th, in order to see if this boy is gonna be big. My doctor and I already think so, plus I'm over being pregnant (as you saw a few posts back), so she said that we'll most likely induce in that first week of March. So, my fingers are crossed for Monday, March 3rd... although all these things are up to God and Chandler, so we'll see.

One detail I wanted to remember is that I actually lost a few pounds. Not that it matters much, but I'm actually exactly the same weight now as I was with Chance at this point. That makes me feel a little better about how I've let myself go somewhat, and eat whatever I feel like. LOL.

But onto other exciting news....Yesterday was Charlie's 4th Birthday. Chuck and I talked last night about how suddenly he turns four and acts more like a teenager... what's that about?! He had a bit of an arrogant/punk attitude at times... I don't know if maybe I've given him the impression that because it's his birthday he can rule the universe or what? LOL Despite his punk moments, he was great yesterday. And Chuck is my hero. Originally I had gotten cupcakes to take to his class that morning. He goes to a class of 4 year olds while I go to a Bible study on Tuesdays. We'd also planned on celebrating his birthday at McDonald's after class with some of his friends. But then Monday night Chance started acting sick, so we couldn't go. I was worried he would be disappointed about missing out on his birthday plans, but Chuck saved the day by taking Charlie to lunch and a movie. They saw "The Pirates that Don't Do Anything" and if you have kiddos yourself, Chuck said it's a good one to take them to. This was the third attempt Chuck's made to take Charlie to a movie, and the first time Charlie actually managed to sit all the way through!! Mr. Energetic doesn't like to sit for very long. :)

We also started the morning off with our little tradition of cinnamon rolls with a candle with the birthday boy. It is so neat having Chuck home, because he was able to join Chance and I in waking up Charlie with the special breakfast. And then for dinner he opened a few gifts and had cake and ice cream. Saturday is the big celebration, and it's looking the weather is going to cooperate, so we're quite excited! It's weird to think that next year (Lord permitting) we'll have 3 boys, and Charlie will be gearing up for kindergarten. It all goes so fast!

Happy 4th birthday, Charlie

A Buzz doll, no way!

Hey Chance, how's that ice cream?
[I love this pic because Chance is so mesmerized by the ice cream!]

And for your viewing pleasure, I've decided to get gushy for a minute and review Charlie's 4 years of life. What a blessing he is, (teenage attitude and all, ha)!! ;)


First day of life :)


First Bday

1st bday


2nd bday

2nd Bday
[Doesn't he look like Chance here?!]

2nd Bday


Third Bday


Breakfast tradition

I think he likes Woody

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