Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cast Your Vote, err, Guess

Charlie David Thier
Charlie, 8 lbs 9 oz, 21 inches, born at 10 PM on the day we induced (at 40 weeks, 2 days).

If only they stayed this little
Chance, 7 lbs 2 oz, 20.5 inches, born around 4 PM on the day we induced (at 38 weeks, 2 days).

One last nesting project:
How much do you think Chandler will weigh? Hint: The dr has said he's over 7 pounds as of 36 weeks gestation...He'll be 38 weeks, 2 days when we induce.

How long do you think he'll be?

What time do you think he'll come?

Cast your votes now and we'll see who is closest. And the winner will receive....bragging rights! Ha!

A Conversation with Chance

On the playground

Lately, Chance has been flexing his newfound decision-making skills. Here's what I mean:

"Mommy, Choo Choo, TV!"

Me: "You want to watch Choo Choo? (Polar Express)"

"No, Mommy, No Choo Choo. Cars!"

Me: "You want Cars?"

"Umm, Nah, Choo Choo, Mommy, Choo Choo!"

Me: "Ok, I'm going to put on Choo Choo."

(He waits until I get past the menu, and the movie starts...)

"No Choo Choo, Mommy!!! Nooooo." He'll then go into convulsions until I change the movie to Cars. So I'll change it to Cars...

This happens daily, often more than once, and about everything from what to wear, to what to drink or eat. You gotta love the terrible 2s.

He also has a harsh tone, where he'll correct Charlie. For instance, if Charlie asks me for a toy, Chance will say "No, Cha-dee, no toy!" Then if I hand the toy to Charlie, Chance instantly changes his tone to a quiet beg, "Pweas Cha-dee, share toy..."

I really need to video these conversations. It is quite fun. And who said only women were moody?! ;)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Playscape concluded, Chandler's latest news

Ok, so two quick things before I go to bed, and obtain some of that precious sleep that I know I won't be getting after Friday...

(skip this if you're a guy, or don't want to hear about labor stuff...)
I saw the Dr yesterday, and got some very good news! 10 days before when we did the sono, she was a little worried about Chandler's big head, and how "high up" he was. Well, I did some walking, and he's dropped some! I've dilated to 2 cm, he's at -1 station, I've effaced a bit more (70%), etc - so we're progressing!! Who knows, maybe we won't make it to Saturday---maybe Chandler will come on Leap Day, Friday (2/29). At least that's what Chuck and many of his friends think would be cool... My practice contractions are getting stronger, so who knows...

Yesterday it was a high of 91 degrees (!) outside, so the boys spent nearly the whole day playing in the backyard...and I just knew you'd want to see pictures ;) Because, really, it's all about the pictures, right?! At least that's what I keep telling myself (as I feed the photography monster).

Playscape nearly finished

More playscape

Chance's version of swinging

Didn't Chuck (and his dad) do a great job building the playscape!?! Basically we found that this was cheaper than buying a quality playscape that was already built...even including the cost of some new tools that Chuck's been wanting. It was definitely more work (like a full day more), but I asked Chuck if he thought it was worth it and he said "Yes, I'm glad I did it. I just don't ever want to do it again!" Ha!

Back to Chandler...
So barring any unforeseen events, we go into the hospital at 6 AM Saturday. I am hoping we'll have wifi there so we can update the blog soon after he's born. If you're a friend/family in the area, please feel free to email me this week ( and I can make sure you're on the email list or phone list -especially if you want to come visit. I know some people like alone time after a baby is born...but I'm not one of those people. The more who come to celebrate with us, the better... And of course, "Thank You" to so many who are praying for us. That's a great source of comfort, and encouragement!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Weekend Warrior

Building a Playscape

A couple of weeks ago Chuck and I were talking about how with each pregnancy he's had to do some big "nesting" project for me. With Charlie it was laying tile and laminate wood floors. With Chance it was moving to a new house, and lots of projects with that (like hanging blinds, blah!). We talked about how he was getting off easy this time. Um...I think we spoke too soon.

It all started when we found someone who could clear our backyard...our friend! We also didn't realize how great things would look once it was done (great job, Mitch!!). Then I asked Chuck when we should look into getting a playscape, and he said...let's get it now, put it in this weekend. I nearly fainted! I'd been dreaming of this since we moved here 2.5 years ago but I was not expecting it to be done before Chandler was born. So then we looked at all our options and Chuck decided he wanted to buy a kit from Lowe's and build it himself. He worked from sun up to sun down all weekend! His dad even came in from Austin today to help. It's just about done! What a relief, just in time. The boys will have something fun to do while Mommy's stuck in the house giving the baby all her attention soon.

Building a Playscape

Building a Playscape
Charlie often supervised and was a big helper to Daddy. He just didn't like the sound of the tools.

Building a Playscape
Chuck and his dad.

And while the boys worked hard outside, I enjoyed the company of Chuck's cousins, Lacey and Sarah. They both have attended/do attend UTSA nearby, and I just adore hanging out with them...makes me feel young again. ;) They are so sweet, and the boys just love having these beautiful young ladies' attention. Today Lacey and I took the boys to the La Cantera playground to get them out of the way while the playground was being built at home.

On the playground

On the playground

On the playground

On the playground

On the playground
Lacey took some pics of the boys with me, something I have been wanting to get before the baby belly is gone.

On the playground

On the playground

Speaking of baby belly...I go the the doctor tomorrow for another check up so I'll have more info then, BUT I do know this much...we've changed the induce date from Monday, March 3rd to Saturday Match 1st! :) Less than a week before we get to see his sweet face!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Backyard Adventures

So the big news around here is our backyard is prepped and ready for a playground. Chuck and I spent the last two days consumed with this issue: what kind of playscape should we get? We've learned this is not an easy decision. There are so many things to consider: safety, quality of wood and hardware, the layout (and how could the boys get hurt on this?), and of course...price. I knew these things get expensive fast, and now I can see how. Chuck has been on a mission, reading reviews, visiting stores, etc. We have it narrowed down we think, but still no decision.

All that to say, what did the boys do today while we were preoccupied with this matter? They played in the dirt! Something about the simplicity of it all made me think, why even bother with the playscape hunt? Let's just give'em shovels and let'em have at it! It was a beautiful day, which they enjoyed to the fullest. And I enjoyed that they did something besides watch tv all day. It's SO nice to have a backyard...and kids that keep you grounded.

Boys and Dirt

And here's Charlie afterwards, because he had dirt in every crevice of his body!

Dirty boy gets clean

Also, here are a few more of what the boys have been up to...I'm still trying to get a photo a day of each of them:

Big Daddy Strawberry
Charlie found this strawberry and said it's like his Big Daddy...and wouldn't let anyone eat it.

Baby, it's cold outside!
A couple of evenings ago, even though it was cold outside, Chance refused to come in. I thought he looked so cute in his matching Thomas pjs.

On his throne
Chance recently decided that his booster seat belongs on the ottoman. We call it his "throne."

Playing with metering
Charlie enjoys the ottoman, too. You gotta love that "just woke up" hair.

Will the dryer ever get old?
And here is why I've given up on nesting. Every time I seek to do something, the boys want right in the middle of it. It's too cute to be irritating. The clothes in the dryer are wet, but that didn't deter Chance from enjoying it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Post a Day

That's been my average lately, and while I didn't have anything too exciting for today, it felt kinda weird not posting one. So I thought you might enjoy seeing what the boys have been up to. That, and blogging helps me feel somewhat productive, considering I'm to the point that I don't want to move anymore. Ha!

As I mentioned before, Charlie was gone a few days this week, and you could see the effect on Chance. He was simply lost with Brother. He kept asking for sink baths, I think because if he took a bath in the tub, he'd miss his playmate. So I managed to get a pic of him in all his sink-bath cuteness. It won't be long before he's too big for the sink...

Sink bath

And one thing I've found difficult since I've had these boys is finding time to study. While Charlie was gone, Chance was happy to sit and color, so I managed to actually get my study done! This is truly a rare and momentous event. I have a feeling it's about to get even harder once Chandler's here, too. So this photo just gives me all kinds of excitement!

One fine day

But once they were reunited, the boys were back to being partners in crime. Here's how they told me they wanted to drive the car...they just climbed right in!

2 lil monkeys

Here's Chance pretend-driving. It's one of his favorite activities these days. He tells us good-bye, then makes driving noises and messes with all of the buttons he can find.

Drive, Mommy, Drive!

And because I'm attempting to do a picture a day of the boys, here's the only real picture of Charlie he would let me take...Little smirker! He definitely has photographer's kid syndrome.

Rule of 3rds crop

And Friday we had an exciting event, in addition to the sonogram for Chandler. A friend came over with his bob cat (Chance calls it a "trac tra" for tractor), and started clearing out our backyard so we can get a playground back there. This is something I've looked forward to since we moved in 2 years ago. I have big dreams for the boys for that space. And for you cedar sufferers, may you get as much glee out of seeing that cedar tree uprooted as I did! :)

Construction Men Hard at Work

Anyhow, the boys decided to imitate the tractor and work hard with the dirt, as you can see. Charlie preferred to get covered in it...

Construction Men Hard at Work

And poor Chance, he was just a little afraid of the trac-tra. Anytime it got loud, he'd just stare at it, or go running into the house for awhile.

Construction Men Hard at Work

But when he wasn't scared, he would find his construction trucks and have them dig in the dirt, too. It was so cute.

Construction Men Hard at Work

There now, I feel better, don't you?! I'm thinking that since things will be getting hectic in a couple of weeks, and because I physically can't do much else, I might as well take as many photos and blog as much as I can. So stay tuned for more childhood fun...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Any Day Now

Come, Sweet Chandler

35 weeks

So our sweet Chandler isn't going to disappoint us...he'll be coming early! At the doctor's office this morning, Chuck and the boys and I all got to see his sweet face, which looks very similar to his brothers, imagine that. He's got the same button nose and puffy lips. And he looks like he may favor Charlie more in his anatomy. He's 36 weeks, but measuring 39 in his head size, legs, and lung function! In other words, he's really full term now! He's already the size that Chance was when he was born (7 pounds 2 ounces), maybe even bigger. I've dilated a little bit more, but just like Charlie, he's "high up" which means Momma may get to push a lot.

We've scheduled induction for Monday March 3rd (2 weeks from this Monday). If you have any suggestions on how to induce labor naturally, please let me know. I have a friend who said a certain soup works every time...I wish I had that recipe! LOL It's gonna be great...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's day!

In honor of Valentine's Day, and especially if you happen to be without a valentine today, here's my post from last year. Hopefully it'll be of some encouragement to anyone who's single. I must say, though, I've been studying I Corinthians and I realize now that some people were meant to be single - and I don't give them enough credit. Maybe we should have a Single's Day where couples feel left out, just to turn the tables a little bit? ;) But if you're single and hoping to someday not be... then last year's post may inspire you...

Anyhow, here is what my valentine gave me:

He loves me
It amazes me that even as life gets more stressful, our marriage seems to get even better. That's all a testimony of what only God can do! :) And to think, 11 years ago today we met for the first time...

Also, I found some templates and made some cards (in other words, I can't take credit - they weren't my creation) for Charlie.

Happy Valentine's everyone!

Happy Valentine's everyone!

And, I have to share my favorite from last year. Again, not my idea, this was at a photo place.

Charlie Valentine

One of these days I'll get Chance in on the action!

So if you are taken, may you honor and demonstrate that love for your partner today. If you're not, may it not bother you one bit! Happy Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What NOT to say to a pregnant woman.

Here are a few comments I've heard while I've been pregnant, mostly from well-meaning strangers (who think they're funny):

"Wow, you're only six months? I'd hate to see you at nine!"

"So, how many minutes until you're due?"

"Is it triplets?"

"Wow, you're just about to pop, aren't you?"

"I bet you feel miserable."

Since it's my third kid, I really don't care, but thought I'd share ---those things really aren't funny to someone who's big and pregnant. LOL ;)

Speaking of which, I'm now so big that I can't wear my wedding rings. This always happens in the final days...water retention. So this time I decided to have fun with the rings:

Come, Sweet Chandler

Come, Sweet Chandler

Come, Sweet Chandler
[C is for Chandler. The bib was handmade by Les Sacs By Amy.]

And one more thing for Chandler. My Ladies' Bible Study Group presented me with this basket of gifts for Chandler, and prayed over me yesterday. It was SO sweet.

Gifts for Chandler

We've traumatized our kids

It struck me that all of our kids have been traumatized lately, LOL. Here's what I mean:

1. Charlie. Last night he found a book that I've never read him before called "I love you forever." I already knew I couldn't read it without crying before I started, and not just because I'm pregnant. If you haven't read it, it shows a mom holding her son thru various ages of his life and singing "I love you forever, I like you for always, as long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." Then the son grows up, comes to see his dying mom and she tries to sing it but is too weak, so he holds her and sings it with "as long as I'm living, my mommy you'll be." Then he goes to his home and holds his newborn and sings it to her. See, I told you it was a gusher!! But Charlie's old enough now to really understand it, and I wasn't the only one crying! He told me that the part where the son holds the mom is what makes him cry! We were both bawling. LOL.

2. Chance. His is more of a physical trauma. Sunday night we were sitting at the dining table with some friends, and had the windows near us open. They're really low windows, so he goes up and pushes on the screen to the point that it falls off, and he falls out with it!! It was the weirdest thing seeing him go head first, with his feet straight up in the air, right out the window! He got some scratches above his eye from the impact on the ground. Our friends were laughing about how the last time they were over, Chuck was throwing Chance in the air and he got hit by a ceiling fan blade! And THEN last night Chance was playing with Charlie and he ran into him, noggin to noggin, and we were worried he might have a concussion because he was wanting to fall asleep. The good news is, he's fine...just a little beat up!

3. Chandler. Monday night Chuck and I went to see Beowolf in 3D on the IMAX. While it was worth seeing, it's a total guy-flick, with lots of violence and adult humor. Anyhow, while I often would just cover my eyes to avoid seeing the blood splatters, there wasn't much of a way of covering Chandler's ears to the screams as monster and humans killed each other. He would move a lot in my womb when it would get loud. I told Chuck Chandler hasn't even been born yet, and he's probably already scared! LOL.

4. Charlie & Chance. I don't know if a new brother coming is exactly traumatizing, but I think they can definitely sense the winds of change. They have been so close lately. Last week on the playground, they stuck together, which is quite rare. Usually Charlie finds (older) kids to play with and Chance wants to play alone. Yet I saw both of them give up their preferences to play side by side. Then Charlie spent a few days with Big Daddy & Nana, and I saw how much Chance missed him. Every time Chance would wake up he would go looking for Charlie, and even as we went to church yesterday, he said "Yay! Bible class! Char-dee!!" So they were quite excited to be reunited yesterday afternoon!

[On the playground.]
Playground fun

Playground fun

Partners in crime

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Charlie's 4th Birthday Party

Each year as Charlie's birthday approaches, I usually agonize over whether to gamble with the weather and have the party at home, or have it elsewhere. This year, for the first time, I choose to have it at home...and won the gamble! It was a beautiful day, and we had a great turn out! Charlie had a blast. And of course, I have pictures to show for it. Can you tell Charlie wanted a "Pirate" party?!

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[Charlie's friend Rachel. She was the only girl, and the only one to pose for me!]

Grandpa Thier
[Grandpa got into the spirit of things, too. He doesn't look very mean though, because he couldn't stop laughing!]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[All of the kids painted and assembled pirate ships...which went over even better than I thought!]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[A few of the finished ones...]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[The pirate pinata...can you tell Charlie loved it?! Those things always scare the mom in me... I'd put them on the scale with bottle rockets for "dangerously fun things for kids."]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[As Charlie blew out candles, he got all but one, which Chance blew out for him. It was so cute.]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[Opening presents.]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[The kids all got pirate tattoos.]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[Then as the kids played outside, I caught Charlie and Chance sitting and playing together. They are such great brothers!]

Charlie's 4th Birthday Bash
[My friend made these cookies for the party. If you want to order some from her, check out]

Don't you feel like you were there? Oh, and if you were there, thanks so much. It really made Charlie's day so special!