Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quick Update

This may seem completely scatterbrained, but I have some things to record that don't relate to each other. Also, I feel funny posting a blog without photos, but I know if I don't get this stuff down now, it'll be gone from my pregnant brain forever.

1. Charlie got his dental work done today. One molar was pulled, another was root canaled and crowned. What a trooper he was! It was so funny...we were in the waiting room after they'd given him a little cocktail of sedatives, and he started acting...shall we say "drunk"?! He was talking slowly and slurring his words. He would say, "Mommy, say what I say: 'Tuh'". So I would say "Tuh," and he'd give this goofy laugh and grin. Then he said, "Mommy, your teeth are standing up, uhhuhuhuh." His slow motion laugh was hilarious. I wish I'd had a video camera. He kept telling me he could walk, and wanted to go play with the toys, but then he'd end up lying on the ground. When the nurse came to get him I told her he can't walk, and he said, "Yes I can" and everyone in the waiting room laughed as he attempted to walk into the office.

He came thru it ok, but was quite fussy when it was over. Thankfully he fell asleep on the way home and slept for over 3 hours. I'm so glad it's over, no more worries about abscessed teeth!

2. New Years... I just had to blog about this. Some very understanding friends came over for games at our house that evening, and it was so much fun! We stayed up til 3 AM and it felt like the early days of our marriage (or even our college days) again. The boys also enjoyed hanging with everyone and they got to do some sparklers outside. Chuck said Chance is a bit daring and dangerous with a sparkler...uh oh! I wouldn't know though, I stayed indoors due to the evil cedar pollen that's blowing around everywhere. I'm looking forward to not being pregnant...then I'll be able to take meds to help me survive ;)

3. Speaking of pregnant, I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow! That means in 8 weeks I'll technically be "full term." This is usually when I start freaking out, but I've already pulled out all of the clothes for his first year and organized them, along with the various baby equipment, so...we're good! Since 2nd trimester was all about nesting, maybe I could just chill out for this trimester?! Hmm, probably not!

4. And about the due date...This year is a leap year, which means it's possible this boy could come a little early...say February 29th?! Wouldn't that be weird?! Also, we're 95% decided on name. Chuck won't let me announce it yet, but stay tuned. Hopefully we have come to a decision! This boy needs a name, as he's already getting nicknames from people, such as Chad, Cade, Champ, Chewbaca, Chiquita, etc. ;)

5. Also, I have to gush about how exciting it is for Chance to be in a big bed. About a week ago I decided to put him in a room at Chuck's parent's house that only had a bed - no toys for distraction. I did the normal bedtime routine, then told him to stay laying down, and I walked out and closed the door. I kept hearing him get up, but I would just tell him thru the door that he needed to go back to sleep, and he would run back to the bed. And that's how it's been ever since. I have the boys in separate rooms for now, but it's really gone smoothly!! The really great things about this are: 1. I don't have to listen to a monitor thru the night for in case he wakes up and needs me to get him out of the crib, and 2. I was able to take apart the crib and put it away, making room for all the new toys they got for Christmas! The only downside so far, is he's been getting up at 7:30 instead of 9 AM...I'm not sure why. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

lazy dog

6. Hosea. This is about a month overdue. Hosea is our chihuahua that we've had since a few months after we were married. Like my mom, I'm a total dog-lover, and Chuck gave into my wishes and got him for me for my birthday. He was an indoor dog but never fully house trained (my fault, I had no idea how to get him there). 4 years later he was forced to become an outdoor dog because we refloored the house and had a baby on the way. It all went downhill from there. Once we moved to San Antonio, his pen was much smaller, so I tried to let him run free most of the time...until he decided to potty all over our porch, and especially the kids' toys. Also, if ever a door was cracked, he'd run in the house and start marking his territory! I knew quickly that he needed a new home. What I didn't know was how to convince Charlie he needed a new home. Charlie was very attached to Hosea. So, when my mom came to visit for Thanksgiving, she offered to take him home with her. What amazed me was Mom said, "Charlie, do you think Hosea could come live at my house? He'll still be your dog and you can come visit." Charlie thought for a moment and said, "Ok." I could've fainted! So, all that to say, I get reports often on how much Hosea is loving life as an indoor and spoiled rotten dog! Mom says she's even got him house trained! Such a happy ending!


Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

I meant to comment yesterday when I read this entry, but forgot! :( I am glad to hear that Charlie is doing better! The part about him acting "drunk" made me laugh (I have to admit). ;) Hosea being in a loving home is wonderful! Thank God for our parents! Also, I'm glad that you all had a wonderful way to celebrate the new year! :) May God continue to bless you all! Love ya! Melony

Angie said...

Comment from Stacia Crafton:

I'm so glad you wrote about random stuff even without pictures. Those are all big deals. I'm know you are so thankful to have Charlie's teeth situation taken care of. I guess you are having to be the bad mommy now though, no chocolate milk huh?

You are ahead of us with Chance in the big boy bed. I am so ready to move Linden but we've got to get his room ready first and I'm struggling with ideas on how to decorate it still.

I'm proud that you guys have maybe narrowed down the list name wise. Our list is still really long and as much as I thought to get out the list yesterday I just couldn't pull myself off the couch while we were watching tv. How sad is that? I figure we still have a little time though it's going by so fast. Are you starting 2 week appointments?

By the way, I love the fact that you may have a Leap Year baby, that is fun!