Sunday, January 13, 2008

And His Name Shall Be Called...

I love this man

So Chuck's finally decided to go with my choice for a name for the baby! Being the more decisive one, I'm just so glad it's resolved. I don't handle ambiguity very well, obviously. What's funny is, we're in New Hampshire and we keep getting reminded of this name:

We keep seeing this name...

Maybe it sticks out for a reason?

So, whaddaya think of the name Chandler James Thier? Personally, it has the ring to it I've been wanting, and works well with Charlie and Chance. In fact, it almost seems to be a cross between to the two.

Ok, well, here's the recap of our trip so far. We drove up to Austin, dropped off the boys (which they had no problem saying goodbye, I'm hoping its just because they didn't know how long we'd be gone...), and began our adventure. We were in airports from noon - 7 Texas time, which really wasn't bad. The weather was perfect, and both flights (we had a layover in Baltimore) actually arrived early! Yay for Southwest Airlines!

We got settled in our bed and breakfast, which I must say, has surprised me with how great it is. You'd think a bed and breakfast would always be better than a hotel, but I thought this one lacked certain hotel amenities (i.e. a bathtub, hot tub, and swimming pool), that would make me prefer a hotel. BUT this b&b more than makes up for the shortcomings. The owners are so nice and helpful, there's an endless supply of good food available (a must for a pregnant woman), and it's just a beautiful home very close to Chuck's work. We feel very safe here and are really enjoying it!

Saturday we drove 1.5 hours through beautiful hill country - I dare say even more beautiful that our Texas Hill Country (Gasp!) - to the Christmas party for Chuck's company. It was held at the home of one of the founders, and it was beautiful. They were tucked back in some snow covered hills, where - get this - they don't even need curtains or window coverings. That definitely struck a cord with my country loving self! They said the only ones who look thru their windows are moose!! The party was so fun, and I was able to really get a feel for Chuck's new employer. They are so laid back, and this was the first Christmas party I'd been to that was completely casual for a company! I dressed in slacks and a lace shirt and felt a bit overdressed. Not only that but many folks brought their kids, which was so so cool, although it made me miss the boys all the more. It was also hard to not whip out my camera and take pictures of all those beautiful kids! Overall, I'm just in awe of how God has blessed us with this new company. I have a lot of respect for how they run things and treat their employees.

[Scenes from the drive up to Hanover, NH]
Scenes from NH

Scenes from NH

Scenes from NH

Scenes from NH

Sunday (today) we went venturing to the coast and I was able to see the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The weather was beautiful again, and perfect for travel. The reason I mention the weather so much is that tomorrow a "Noreaster" is coming in, which is a snow storm that's due to drop 12+ inches of snow tonight-tomorrow!! While all the locals are groaning (they usually get 1 to 2 inches a week normally), we are ecstatic. So I'll probably blog more pics tomorrow. ;) Anyhow, it was fun to have a day long date with Chuck (we considered it our delayed Anniversary celebration), and go explore a beautiful small town (Portsmouth, NH).

Hampton Beach & 31 Weeks
[Am I showing yet!?! 31 weeks down, 9 or less to go until we meet Chandler!]

Exploring Hampton Beach, NH
[I found a sand dollar to bring back for the boys.]

Market Square in Portsmouth, NH
[The Market Square that we walked through...and I found a coffee shop with White Hot Chocolate, my favorite!]

2 bridges' Reflection
[We ate lunch overlooking this river, watching big ships be pushed in by tug boats - and watched the draw bridge in action.]


Angie said...

Comment from melony:

OH Angie!! I'm so glad that you both are having such a wonderful time! You both need it before CHANDLER comes!! :) I love the name, btw.
I will continue to pray that you both continue to enjoy your time, travel mercies and of course for the boys to continue to do great with the g-parents! :) Love you and I will miss you tomorrow at Bible study, but you've got the best reason too! :) Melony

Angie said...

Comment from Ashley Evans:

I LOVE reading your blog too! Thank you so much for the sweet message!! It looks like you had a great trip and you are glowing with #3 - so beautiful! I miss you and am hoping that one of these days, we can finally get together - to see the new baby maybe :) And I LOVE your name choice!
Love you!