Wednesday, January 9, 2008

365 Days

His serious face

"You can't take my picture, Mommy!"

Happy Boy

I'm in denial that Christmas has passed.

Ok, the reason for the posting of pictures above is in fulfillment of my recent commitment: 365 days of a child. Lots of people take a challenge, usually starting on January 1, where they attempt to take a photo a day. I am attempting to take a photo of each of the boys a day (and baby3 when he gets here). As camera happy as I am, you'd think this would be a cinch. But the truth is, I don't usually pull the camera out every day. And with a third child coming, I have a feeling that'll get even harder. But I know I won't regret it. Today I wouldn't have pulled the camera out, except that I remembered this challenge...and was able to get the pictures above. I am hoping that a year from now I can look back on this discipline and see how much I've learned.

In other news, I saw the doctor this morning, I've gained 23 pounds (28 if you count the 5 I lost then gained back), and everything's perfectly in place. He's even in position. It's always fun to hear his heartbeat. I'll find out around Valentine's Day if we'll induce up to 2 weeks early based on his weight. Also, my doctor said I can start taking claritin for the Cedar Fever (Thank You, Lord!!) and I'm clear to travel this week.

Oh, and my challenge will be on hold Friday-Thursday, as I'll be away from the boys for a whole week! I'm accompanying Chuck to New Hampshire (New Hampster is what Charlie calls it) for his business trip. I can't wait to get away from the Cedar, although I'll be missing two very special little boys... ;) And if you think of it, pray for mine and Chuck's folks as they care for the boys while we're gone.

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