Friday, December 21, 2007

Productive Day

So somehow I didn't get to bed until nearly 2 am last night. You would think that would mean today would be all about laying on the couch, eating bon-bons and watching soap operas. Not that I do those things, but isn't that the stereotype for a stay-at-home mom?

But actually the lack of sleep gave me a reason to start the day off with Ghiradelli Double Chocolate Coffee ;) What I didn't realize is that even just a cup (and I do mean "cup") would have a great effect since I hadn't consumed much caffeine lately.

So here's what I did today:

~Cleaned out and reorganized 3 closets, one of which is my BIG linen closet.
~Bagged 5 bags of linens we don't use and got them loaded in the car, ready for Goodwill.
~Wrapped presents from Santa while the boys napped.
~Pulled out the entertainment center and cleaned under it, and reorganized a few things (wink, wink).
~Gave the boys an early Christmas present and helped Chuck assemble it
(oh the joy of parenthood when it comes to toy assembly!)
~Put up Christmas lights around the entire porch (I know, it's practically Christmas already...)
~Cleaned out the minivan so we can travel soon.
~Met with a man who's going to put in sprinklers for us.
~Made phone calls, wrote emails, caught up on nearly everything I could possibly think of. Including this blog ;)
~Figured out a way to end world hunger and bring about peace on Earth
(just kidding..although think of what 2 cups of coffee would've done!!).
~...Not to mention the usual, diaper changes, meals cooked, and I even got all of the laundry and dishes done.

Personally, I'd say, caffeine is such a good friend. It was so nice to not take a nap, like I usually do. Or lay on the couch wishing for more motivation or energy, like I usually do. Or look around the room in frustration, because there's so much to do, like I usually do. It was great to be able to think clearly, and even remember common words that are usually lost in my pregnant brain. It was also great to fit in a shower, like I usually don't do...Oh wait! Did I just say that out loud?!

Anyways, enough jesting about my nesting and caffeine combo. But if baby3 comes out looking kinda funny, you'll know why.

So the real news is, last night we had a rockin' time at the Texas Transportation Museum. If you have kids into trains, this place is well worth the visit. And while I don't have all the photos online yet (ok, maybe I didn't catch up on EVERYTHING after all), I do have a few...

Santa's Railroad Wonderland
[Obviously with all of the lights on it, this one was just stationary. But still, how cool is that?!]

Santa's Railroad Wonderland
[As we walked thru that train, Chance looked so studious, but really, he just loved the pictures. He kept saying "Wook, Mommy, Choo Choo!!"]

Santa's Railroad Wonderland
[You may have to click on this one to be able to read it...but please, tell me what you think of this. I think it's kinda funny, to say the least...]

Ok, so hopefully the rest of the pics turn out better of the kids. Sorry to leave you hanging there.

The boys had a blast. We rode one old train for about a quarter mile and back. The boys saw many different model trains running, both indoors and out. Of course, a few times they saw Thomas engines. You should've seen the look on Chance's face the entire time. He was just absolutely in awe of it all. I hope that means he'll be happy when Santa gives him Geotrax trains for Christmas. The boys also got to meet "Choo Choo" Claus (Santa in a train engineer costume), who Charlie promptly ran up to and hugged. It was sweet.

Moments like these make me so grateful for this season in life. I would've never gone to that museum if it hadn't been for 2 little boys who both adore trains. And seeing their reactions is half the fun anyway!

By the way, the "Santa's Railroad Wonderland" exhibit is running through Sunday. If you live near San Antonio and want to check it out, just click here for more info.

And lastly, tomorrow may be my last day of having internet for until then, Merry Christmas!!

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