Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pregnancy Chronicles, Trimester Two

Well, it's that time again... Pregnancy recap time.

28 weeks

1. As I had said at the end of "Pregnancy Chronicles, Trimester One," this could really be more about projects I've done over the last 3 months than anything else. Let's just say a lot of nooks and crannies of our house have been reorganized. You may not be able to tell if you come over to visit, but oh how I can tell! :) One of my favorite projects was recovering my dining room chairs with vinyl, so they're now child-proof. I keep wondering why I didn't do that long ago... Also, I probably take delight in things like baskets and storage bins, and getting things out of sight, more than most people. Or even more than I would if I weren't pregnant, for that matter.

So all that to say, I've definitely been nesting since the day trimester two began! I haven't been as impatient and irritable as I usually get with this nesting thing, but it's also not the third trimester yet... ;)

2. Nesting isn't the only thing about this trimester that's been out of place... Normally the second trimester for me is a fun one. I feel like my old self, only my belly is growing slowly and I start feeling the baby move. Then third trimester kicks in and I feel like a whale (and panic because having the baby is only 3 months away). This time, second trimester has been all about prepping for the baby (or at least getting my house in order), and I went from not showing at all, to looking like I'm already in third trimester! I had lost about 5 pounds the first trimester (normally I should've gained 5 pounds), but the second trimester brought way more weight than normal. I've gained 26 pounds! That's as much as some women gain for the whole 9 months, and I did it in 3! The weight gain was definitely more gradual with my first two.

3. Symptoms: still craving pizza and chocolate, no none aversions really. I did want to note that the heartburn took awhile longer to set in this time. I had my fingers crossed that maybe it would not happen at all, but it came with a vengeance a few weeks ago. I'm back to feeling like I can't even hold water down.

One question that I have is this: Is Pepcid AC bad? When I was pregnant with Chance, it was on the safe list, so I took it daily for heartburn. Is it a coincidence that, while Chance would spit up often, he didn't have reflux (or at least didn't complain about it)? For Charlie, I didn't take any medication while pregnant, just drank chocolate milk by the jug, and he had bad reflux as a baby. I've now learned that there isn't enough evidence to prove if Pepcid is safe or not. No proof that it hurts a baby, but also no evidence to prove it doesn't. Should I stay on it?! Since Chance did ok, I'm quite tempted to...

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4. We found out it's a boy, to Charlie's great disappointment. But I'm relieved, and ready to have 3 boys! :) Also, Charlie has lately started wanting to feel the baby move. He often sits beside me with his hand on my belly, just in case...

5. I've since learned he's a very active boy. He moves and even shakes in utero. I think he'll have plenty of energy to keep up with his older brothers!

28 weeks

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