Monday, December 17, 2007

Photography Woes and Funny Stories

First of all, thank you so much for praying for us as we weathered the storm this weekend. Charlie's swelling has gone down, he even slept through the night last night for the first time since Wednesday, and we have yet another dentist appointment tomorrow to see about fixing that wretched tooth.

But before the pain, swelling, tylenol and multiple dentist visits, I performed a little photography experiment. With all the lights on in our guest room, can my camera take a photo of quickly moving subjects...without the flash or natural (sun) light? I even added a strong light to the mix to see if it'd work, and for your photography buffs, I set the ISO up to 800 to see if that would help get a faster shutter speed. Did it work well? Not as well as I'd hoped, although I now have an appreciation for people who take photos in studio, and have all that fancy equipment. And I learned that I really hate 800 ISO. Getting the specks out of the photo was no simple task, even for Bibble or Photoshop. But here are my results:



[I know, the white balance is off, and it's blurry...but I loved that foot up in the air!]





Anyhow, the fun times have returned to our house...

~There's a new game around here...the "hiney biter" game. Chance actually started it, where he comes up to a non-suspecting adult and sticks his tush out and says "Hiney! Hiney!" then takes off running. It wasn't long before I started reaching out to pinch that little tush, and the hiney biter game was born. The boys both come up and stick them out, then run before I can reach them. It took me awhile to teach Charlie that he didn't have to drop his pants for this game, little flasher!

~Chance is continually developing his nurturing side. This morning Chuck fell down the stairs with Chance in his arms (what is with that? Why do we keep falling?!) So as I held Chance as he cried, even in his tears, he looked at his stuffed kitty, whom he loves and carries around everywhere, and said "Kitty, you ok?"

~Chance is getting better at sentences. He will come up and say, "Mommy, juice please." Then I'll ask him to go find his cup, and he'll take off looking for it, saying, "Cup, (where) are you?"

~Chance is also becoming quite the pray-er. As we pray, he'll imitate us, then when he hears us say "Thank you for Jesus," or "In Jesus Name" he'll respond with "Amen." It is the cutest thing. I really need to video it...

~Charlie has made me so proud through this teeth incident. Back in June when we cut out all sugar from his diet, I would often catch him sneaking food that was off limits, and also throwing fits about not being able to eat everything. This time he's not only obeyed when I tell him he can't eat something, he doesn't even complain when he sees someone else eating it. He also brings me things and asks me if it has sugar before he eats it.

~Baby3 is still nameless, but it obviously hasn't gotten him down too much. He is at the stage where he can move, and man, does he! Sometimes I wonder if the kid ever sleeps! He even does this shaking thing that's really weird to feel. Chuck said it's probably from all the caffeine I'm subjecting him to. I'm already a terrible mom this time around. As I've mentioned before, I took on this vice in order to survive these energy demanding times...

It's nice to be somewhat back to normal around here, just in time for Christmas! Stay tuned for some eye-popping, photoshop loving experiments. And also, a warning will be served to anyone who dabbles in all things photographic. You won't want to miss it! ;)

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Angie said...

Comment from Stacia Crafton:

So tell me the rest of the specs on your pictures. What was the shutter speed and Ap set at? I love them and didn't notice the blurriness really. Were you using your flash?

Those are some super cute things that Chance is doing. I can't wait till Linden starts talking a little more.

Hey, I'm with you on the caffeine thing and really didn't I blog about how my Dr. said I should drink caffeine for my headaches. Go with that...

We as well are completely nameless on baby #3. We keep saying we need to name her but haven't gotten around to looking into names much. Oh well, she'll have to be named before we leave the hospital right? If all else fails I'll have two days sitting in that hospital room to think about it. :)