Thursday, December 6, 2007

More Stories

Chance has also learned to say "Are you ok?" although it's more like "you ok?" He says it to all of us from time to time, when he thinks we're hurting. He was crashing his tractor ("tra tra") into his train yesterday, then he picked up the train and said, "Choo choo, you ok?"

The other bodily function (besides "I poot") that Chance has discovered is burping. If he or anyone really burps, he just cracks up! Then he'll start fake burping and laughing at himself. It's amazing to me how the boys are so different, yet they are both so "all boy"!

Last weekend we were out playing in the front yard when Charlie found a lizard. He had so much fun picking it up and putting it down over and over again. Then I found a grasshopper, so I called him over and let him pick that up...but to my surprise the big green monster bit Charlie!! He had these two little fangs, which he promptly planted in Charlie's finger, poor guy! No more playing with grasshoppers! I had no idea they could do that. I still have guilt for telling Charlie to pick it up! :)

Also, from when we went to meet Santa...Santa arrived outside to a crowd of waiting children, and slowly made his way through the mob. Charlie had no qualms with making his way through the crowd to get Santa's attention, and a hug. It made me wonder what it would've been like when Jesus walked the Earth...I could see why the woman who touched the hem of His garment was so shy. It takes some real boldness. Here's the picture of Santa & Charlie...

I love you, Santa!

In other news, if you get a chance to rent the movie, Amazing Grace, it is SO worth seeing! I definitely want to buy it someday. I thought it would be depressing since it was about ending slavery in England, but it really wasn' was truly uplifting and is definitely a feel good movie! Chuck and I both enjoyed it greatly. :)


Angie said...

Comment from Lindsey:

Sooooo cute. I love your family

Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

That's so adorable! :) You are blessed Angie! Thanks for sharing! :) God bless you! Love, Melony