Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Time is Craft Time

As I "dumped" my photos onto my computer yesterday, I realized that we have been doing a lot of crafts lately. Here's what I mean:

[When Granny and Bubba were here over Thanksgiving, everyone made a gingerbread house. After about a week of trying to keep the boys away from it, I realized I'd better take a picture before the inevitable. Here's the gingerbread house before too much damage was done.]

The Boys' Creation

[Isn't it a cute little cottage?]

[Then Charlie wanted in the picture. Please pay no attention to the half dead plant in the background. I keep hoping it'll resurrect itself, but the truth is, I don't possess much of a green thumb. Or the ability to "photoshop" it out yet!]

[The next day, I catch the boys doing this...]
"Hey boys, what are you doing?"

[The little monkeys, now that they have figured out how to move chairs and barstools around, nothing is truly safe.]
Little monkeys

[Hey! That's the gingerbread house! *Sigh*, well...I guess y'all can have at it.]
Partners in Crime

[Maybe we need a new craft...let's paint.]
Arts and Crafts

[Hey, Chance, whatcha got there?]
Take a pic of my paint, Mommy!

[Charlie, could you smile for me?]
"Hey Charlie, smile for me!"

[Ok, let's try reverse psychology...Don't you smile at me, boy!!]
"Don't you smile, boy!!"

[So, who likes to paint?]
Who wants ice cream?

[Charlie shows off his handprint.]
Charlie handprint

[Chance just thought the whole experience was funny.]
Overexposed, but way to happy to delete

[Lastly, Charlie and I made one more craft. Chuck gave me a cricut for our anniversary, so I could start making signs and plaques. My first project was making these nameplates. Charlie helped me paint them and get the letters cut out. It was really fun.]
First Cricut project

Whew, building gingerbread houses, painting masterpieces, and making signs has worn me out! At least it gives my nesting hormones something safe to do. ;) Happy holidays!

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Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

Great job Angie and BOYS TOO! ;) You all look like you are having too much fun!! That's wonderful! I love the faces on the boys when they are doing their projects! Doesn't it just light up your day to see their excitement? God bless you all! Love, Melony