Monday, December 31, 2007

Big Day, Big Milestones

Saturday was Chance's 2nd birthday, and it marked some big developments for him! He started going potty, and he started sleeping in his own big bed!

I had attempted to plan a party, but I knew it would be tough with craziness of being in between Christmas and New Year's. I soon realized it'd be better to cancel and postpone. Chuck thought I was a bit weird when I suggested doing "half" birthdays instead, celebrating his birthday in June, when he was first born. But after seeing this party fall through, he gets it now. :) So we'll be celebrating June 29th.

But on the big day, Chuck's parents came to visit, and we had our own little party.

Chance turns 2!

Testing out the cake
[Chance decided to do some quality control and taste test the cake for us.]

Riding with Grandma
[It's not the greatest photo, but I thought it was so sweet when Chance and Grandma rode the horsey!]

Like Father, Like Son
[Chuck's a lot like his dad, can you see the resemblance?! heheh.]

Also, here are a couple of the Christmas gifts the boys have been enjoying:

Adventures in Moonsand
[I thought Moonsand looked so cool, like an improved "Playdoh." But I was wrong. It's kinda just normal sand that's a little sticky..and just as messy. But the boys enjoyed it anyway.]

Little Drummer Boy
[When Aunt Desi gave Charlie a drum set, I was a bit annoyed. Just what they need, more noisemakers ;) I always thought drum sets were a cruel joke on the parents. But actually, once we got it together, it's really kinda cool. I can't believe I just said that! hehe. So Dez, if you read this..."Thanks."]


Angie said...

Comment from Anton:

Happy Birthday Chance!

He's sure growing up fast.

Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

Thanks, Anton! We miss you!

Angie said...

Comment from Sarah Jones:

I'm sorry Chance's party got cancelled... but it sounds like you had a nice day. I can't believe these boys are already two!! By the way, his invitations turned out really cute.