Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Zoo Part 2

Chuck got his pics up, so I had to share a few more.

Here's Elijah, kissing/attacking his momma. I love this age!
Zoo with Melanie and Meesh

This is Elijah when he turns on the charm. He is so photogenic!
Zoo with Melanie and Meesh

Here's Charlie, and a funny story. He climbed up there to growl at the jaguar, trying to scare him. Of course, the jaguar was not impressed. But then Charlie got scared because he couldn't figure out how to get down. LOL
Zoo with Melanie and Meesh

And here's Charlie, putting his hand thru the grate because there was a large school of fish near the surface. What you don't see is that this was the same pond that contained alligators. Needless to say, he didn't get to play in the water for long!
Zoo with Melanie and Meesh

Here's Kaleb, making a funny face for his Uncle Chuck. I just wish I would've gotten a pic of him with his momma... Melanie's the only person we didn't catch on camera.
Zoo with Melanie and Meesh

And lastly, a scrapblog to remind the boys of the animals we see at the zoo.
SA Zoo

So things have been busy and good, but nothing in particular to share at the moment. Just enjoying the family time, and visits with friends this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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