Monday, November 12, 2007


Oh, I did have photos to share after all...sorta. Chuck showed me this website:, and you can make scrap book pages for free there. It could get a little addicting, so be warned ;) Here are some I've made:

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

Pumpkin Painting


Halloween 07

[I apologize for posting them as bigger than normal...I'm afraid that the normal smaller size will make it to hard to see...Then you'd get vision problems from squinting...and send me the dr bill.]

So if you decide to try it out yourself, I wanna see what you make! If you want, just post it as a comment here!!


Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

Oh no, this sounds like something that I can get addicted to quickly! I never do scrapbooking because it's so expensive (supplies and all) and I always want to do it with others (bonding experience). Well, this past weekend my 2 of my oldest friends and I got together to scrapbook and it was so much fun! Yesterday, I even started a few pages with some leftover stuff a parent gave me when I was teaching. I am gonna check out the site and see what I can do with my digital stuff! :) Thanks for always sharing! You're so KIND! :)
Love, Melony

Angie said...

Comment from Ashley Evans:

Sweet ANG,
I love your scrapblogging pages! You have me addicted! I miss you guys! We MUST get together! Lets set a date and get together soon! Love you tons!
Ashley (Haney) Evans