Saturday, November 17, 2007

A perfect day at the Zoo

Yesterday, the weather was absolutely perfect, and some of our family came from Austin to go to the zoo. It was one of those days that you think, "It's just good to be alive."

And, yes, I took pictures. Chuck took even more, which I'll share once he gets them processed.

First there was the jaguar. I have to admit, I'm a bit enamored with these creatures...and all wild cats for that matter. When I was a kid I dreamed of having one as a pet someday. Then I grew up and realized, that was more of a fantasy than it was feasible. But indulge me for a minute, and admire their majesty...

I love this one because of the reflection of Chance in the glass. (You may have to look REALLY close.)
I see 3 wild animals

Don't you just love the condescending pose, and the beautiful black and white markings on his chest?
SA Zoo with Justs and Bostons

SA Zoo with Justs and Bostons

Ok, I'll give the jaguar a rest. I am surprised he didn't start charging us for all the photos!

Then there were lions, and tigers, but we skipped the bears...oh my!
It's not easy being king...

SA Zoo with Justs and Bostons

But the best part was the family:

Daddy's Boy
Jason & Kaleb

SA Zoo with Justs and Bostons
Meesh & Veronica

They wanted to see who all could fit in this tent, so Chance decided to join them. But as soon as I whipped out the camera, he made a quick getaway...I love his action pose.
how many can you fit in a tent?

And I gotta close with this funky duck. The boys thought he was really cool.
funky duck

And that was about as much as my pregnant self could handle. ;) What a great day!

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Angie said...

Comment from Ashley Evans:

What a fun day yall had! And I love seeing all of you guys together (and miss you all!) Yes, we had a great time at Fralos. Most of the couples have kiddos, so it was perfect for them to be able to run around. I cant believe I was that close to your house!! Now I have a good idea of where you live :) And I have not been to the place in Austin, although heard its really fun too. Okay, off to church, love you! :)