Monday, November 12, 2007

More tidbits about the boys

I have more updates on the boys, but I had thought I'd wait until I process my latest batch of pictures. Hmm, nevermind...

Chance has some new words. He now says "look," although it's more like "wook." "Wook, Mommy, Wook," is the new phrase I hear all day. It's so cute, and irresistible. Also, he's started saying "please" ("pweeze") which makes it hard to deny his request.

Chance is getting more comfortable with babies. Maybe it's because we've had 4 nephews born since May. At first, he did not like it when I would hold a baby, but now he doesn't mind. He's actually somewhat fascinated by babies now.

Chance also loves to tickle people, although it's more like pinching, and not the greatest experience for the target of his tickling. He has become more rough and tumble now, I think in part to the fact that my dad loves to wrestle with the boys. Thanks, Dad! :-P

Also, he and Charlie are becoming more in need of a referee everyday. Today Chance was sitting at the table eating jello, and Charlie came up beside him, and said happily, "Let's share, Chance." Chance promptly exclaimed, "No!" and then a phrase I hadn't heard out of his mouth before: "Go away, Cha-ee." Chuck and I both had a hard time keeping a straight face as we corrected him on that one.

Charlie has often found that when he wants a toy from Chance, he can trade him for another toy. But lately Chance has been more reluctant to trade, and Charlie will tell me, "I was sharing with Chance, but he won't share with me." LOL I've tried a million times to define trading versus sharing...

Charlie is really growing in his learning.
A few weeks ago he started asking me how to spell certain words and identify written letters. His Aunt Mitsi got him a dry erase book where he can practice drawing letters and numbers, which he loves. And starting about a week ago, he busted out with the "A B C" song. In the last few months he's become quite the singer, always wanting to sing songs. I've been impressed with how many songs he's learned in Bible class at church...he's even taught me some new ones. Also recently the dvd player broke ( :( ) so we've begun listening to the Veggietales Greatest hits cd, which Charlie now knows by heart. In a way, I don't miss the movie player, because we get to sing together. One of his favorites is "God is bigger than the Boogie Man," and we often sing it together when he gets scared at night.

Our nighttime regime is in transition. Before, one of us would sing to Chance then put him in his crib and leave the room. Then we'd read a book with Charlie, pray, kiss and say "Goodnight," leaving him to sleep in our guest bed. I have a bed for Charlie in his room, but since Chance is a light sleeper and sleeps in there in his crib, we've let Charlie sleep in the other room. But last night, for the first time, I actually put them both to bed in the king sized bed in our guest room. We read a book, prayed, kissed, then I laid in there with them until they both passed out. It sorta worked... Chance woke up at 3:30 crying that he was scared. I know we're going to have to get them sleeping in the same room eventually, I'm just not sure how to get there. Any ideas?

And this morning, Chance woke up again around 8 which is a little early for him...because he had a fever. It was about 100 degrees, but otherwise he had no symptoms, so I put him in bed with me where he slept for half an hour longer, until Charlie woke him up. Once awake, he was acting normal besides the fever, but I was concerned. He wouldn't eat much, only an apple for breakfast. Then his fever broke and he was acting normal and wanted to eat an orange. Half way into the orange, he threw up. Considering his nose has been running for 4 weeks now (usually clear snot, but still...), I called the doctor who had me bring him in. The good news is, other than nasal congestion, he's completely well. And his tubes, which have been in for 11 months, are still there, which is remarkable! The doctor said maybe he threw up just from all the congestion...I dunno, but we'll be staying home until it passes. He's been energetic all day, and has eaten plenty this evening without a problem.

I have to say, I know this summer we had many health issues, and it's been so nice to go thru the last few months with little to no illness in our home. Also, I had complained often of how Chance was an early riser, but in the last 3-4 months, he's become my late sleeper. The boys rarely wake up before 8:30 anymore...which is so nice when you're pregnant and in need of more sleep! ;) I know I'll miss all this sleep once baby3 is born, but for now I'm relishing every minute of it! It's also nice to not be under a school schedule yet, in that respect. Kids may eventually break me of my night-owl personality, but for now, life's pretty easy going with the boys.

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Wow! So much to share! thanks! We missed you at class today. I am glad to hear that Chance is feeling better! :) The sleeping situation is one that I can't help out with since we only have one. I hope you continue to get your much needed rest for the next few months... that's a lifesaver! Take care and see ya soon! GOd bless you!! Love- Melony