Friday, November 2, 2007

"You've Got a Friend in Me..."

Buzz and Woody showed up in style at a Halloween party and had a blast. Thanks so much for a great party, Sarah!! And here are the pictures:

Halloween 2007
[The group's "before" shot. I am amazed so many of them sat and posed for us!]

Halloween 2007
[Can't you just hear it, "You've got a friend in me..."]

Halloween 2007
[After dinner and playing, we headed off to "trick or treat." Charlie was totally into it, although Chance preferred to be held and watch the action.]

Halloween 2007
[Chuck's my hero for holding back can't handle it anymore now that I'm getting bigger.]

Halloween 2007
[The "After" shot. I counted 19 kids in this pic, and I'm not sure if this was everyone. It was so much fun!!]

And lastly, my favorite, and a totally lucky shot... Sarah set up a studio for us to take our kids' pictures with, and I had Charlie sit there while I practiced, just testing my settings. Well, I took this one shot with the flash then my batteries died (in the flash). Thankfully, Stacia came along with her camera and took over for me for getting a picture of both Charlie and Chance. But my one practice shot actually turned out to be a keeper! What do you think of it? I love it when this happens...
The Cutest Woody Ever ;)

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Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

The boys look so cutE! :) I love the whole Toy Story theme!! :) I am glad that you found the costumes in time! BTW, have fun this weekend at your reunion! :) WE had fun seeing you and Chuck on Fri. and Sat. :) God bless you!