Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Bump (#3)

Ok, by popular request, here are the most recent baby bump pics, taken by Chuck on the Riverwalk:

Angie 21 Weeks

Angie 21 Weeks

This was taken 2 weeks ago, I was 21 weeks along. I feel like I've grown a ton since then, but this is it for now! :) hehe.

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Angie said...

Comment from The Thiers &- Blog Archive &- I'm not Super Woman after all:

[...] ~First of all, as you may recall from a few posts ago, I now have a baby belly. Yes, I know I need to get an updated picture up soon, as this baby (ahem) is growing at a lightning fast speed. I lost 5 pounds the first trimester, but I've gained 20 since then!! [...]