Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

The boys went to see Nana and Big Daddy over the weekend. This gave me a great opportunity to go wild with nesting (hence the previous post). I did want to record my costume hunting fiasco. I went to 14! different stores looking for Woody and Buzz costumes for the boys, since they had finally decided on something. It's apparent that I can't do as much as I sprees are no longer physically possible with this growing baby belly. Anyhow, I collapsed in exhaustion and frustration on the couch, and decided to put the laptop to work in this costume hunt. Within an hour and with a few phone calls, I had the exact costumes I needed on hold at a Disney store downtown. The moral of the story: shop online first! So I took a break from the nesting mayhem and Chuck and I enjoyed a stroll along the Riverwalk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon...and I got the costumes, on sale mind you, without all the pain. [I have pics to post, but they're waiting for Chuck to process.]

But the nice break didn't deter me...I did a nesting marathon around the house thru the night!

The next day I met Nana and Big Daddy to get the boys, and we all ventured through the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. I definitely recommend it for anyone with kids! And yes, I've got some pics to show for it ;)

[Chance really surprised me with how he wasn't afraid of anything, especially the aggressive Ostriches!]

"Wiiillll Burrrrr"
[The zebras were a big hit. This one loved to open his mouth and have Charlie throw food in. Charlie named him "My Zebra Friend."]

[My fave animal, Bevo!! Or at least a good look alike.]

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