Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Can I Blame it on Hormones?

I'm not sure if it's pregnant hormones, or what, but I haven't been feeling well. Physically I'm fine, but emotionally...I'm biting everyone's head off. I'm feeling overwhelmed, like there's no way to catch up on all I need to do. Like I need to be submitted to a Psych Ward. Kinda feels a lot like nesting to me...

Stacia, you mentioned that some people only put the good things in their blog...I hope I'm not one of those. :)

Last week my headaches dissipated...along with my positive attitude. There are so many GOOD stresses at the moment: getting the house ready for Chuck to work from home and for a new baby, getting ready for a week long vacation next week, enjoying my sister's company. And the one bad stress I've had is that along with the headaches came Chance's terrible 2s. He's now quite the fighter, which is not only emotionally draining, but breaking my heart because, as Chuck says, "He was such a good boy!" And my patience has been wearing down with the fits over the last week or so. I think it culminated yesterday when we drove out to Medina to go to Love Creek Orchards. Chance really made it difficult, and I get just as frustrated with myself for attempting something that I should've known he wouldn't have behaved for. We left after only 2 hours, feeling guilty that Charlie didn't get to do half the things he wanted because his pregnant mom was too exhausted from slinging Chance over her shoulder a million times. I'm hoping that we can go back later this month with Chuck so one of us can chase Chance all around the place while the other one allows Charlie to do all the fun activities.

But Mari was there with me, and we both had our cameras, so together, at least we have pictures to show for it.

Love Creek Orchards
Chance says "hi" to the horse. They both have harnesses on! The "leash" on Chance was the only way I could keep up with him.

Love Creek Orchards
Charlie especially enjoyed playing in the pumpkins.

Love Creek Orchards
Chance got to drive a hay tractor.

Love Creek Orchards
Charlie and his friends (that also came with us) found a neat tree to hide in.

Love Creek Orchards
Charlie got to hold a baby chick.

This is what happens
By the end of the day, Chance would finally hold a hand and walk...But he wasn't happy about it. Hehe.

Anyhow, stay tuned...I may have some good news on Friday :) Until then, I'll be pulling my hair out and causing my family to avoid me at all costs. ;)


Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

You are such a great mother Angie! Never forget that! You were so good to go out to the pumpkin patch to give the boys a chance to see all that they have over there!!! You have 2 young kiddos, you're pregnant and you have a guest over and you still went!!!! That says alot about you! You are a WONDERFUL wife, MARVELOUS mother, SUPER sister, AWESOME aunt, FANTASTIC friend, the list goes on and on! Always remember that! :) I'm glad that you blog about EVERYTHING, it's the truth about life and that's what's so great- YOU ARE REAL AND HONEST! :)
Well, it was great seeing you today! :) Have a good rest of the week and enjoy Maribelle for the rest of her visit! :) God bless you!

Angie said...

Comment from Kelly:

Your pictures are awesome! I understand all of your stressors - you are doing a great job. I was exhausted at the end of the day yesterday and I had one less to chase after. We all had a great time - thanks again!

Angie said...

Comment from Stacia Crafton:

It is SO hormones and I'm with you on the terrible 2's but I still have 9 months to go until Linden even hits that. :) The other Tuesday I kept crying for no reason. I could NOT get it together. I think Hadley could have said Boo and I would have cried.

By the way, one of the reason we didn't do Love Creek Orchards was because last year we drove the 1 hour plus out there and only stayed like 2 hours as well because Hadley was not being our favorite person. I wasn't about to try that big excursion on my own. I get exhausted going to HEB with both of them and they are contained in a shopping cart. Hope we'll get to see you tonight!