Monday, September 10, 2007

Pregnancy Chronicles, Trimester One

Although I put tidbits in each blog, this is a recap of the pregnancy of baby3 so far...

1. When I took a pregnancy test this time, I totally didn't expect a positive! With both of the boys, I knew before I could even get a positive result, because I was cranky (think PMS on steroids) and tired. This time...I felt normal. I figured this could be a bad sign, so I told no one really until I talked to my OB. But I DID tell Chuck, of course. I even secretly video taped telling him, thinking it might be a sweet memoir someday. That wasn't my greatest idea, because while there are moments of great joy and excitement, there are also moments of freaking out, "how are we going to survive this?" kinda moments. My favorite though is when Chuck says, "So how did this happen?" Hahaha. Maybe that's why we keep getting the "One of these days y'all are gonna figure out what causes that" jokes...

Also about my video, my thought was it'd be a sweet gift to baby3 someday...But now I could see the poor child going to therapy because he/she saw the video! hahah!

2. And actually, since this is our first time to get pregnant by surprise, I must record the "how" it happened (are you scared? I don't write X rated blogs, I promise!)...I ovulated very early, and my body was telling me, but I didn't listen...and voila! Another precious Thier baby is on its way!

3. Having a cyst was actually a great blessing and a sign from God. Because I thought mild/no symptoms = problems, the doctor's news that I had a cyst was confirming that this baby is for real. The cyst lets off hormones that actually protect the pregnancy. It also tends to make me moody (PMS like) so why I wasn't feeling that, I really don't know?! Although Chuck says he had thought I might be, but being the smart man he is, he kept his mouth shut. Note to all guys...never tell a girl you think she has PMS if you value your life whatsoever! Chuck knew I only get PMS when I'm pregnant, so he had his suspicions.

4. Cravings. Some different, some the same. With Charlie it was hearty meat and potatoes kinda meals, with Chance it was Mexican food, with this one it's junk! Pizza, french fries, etc. With Charlie I had aversions to Mexican, with Chance I couldn't stand barbeque. With this aversions so far. However, with all 3, I crave chocolate!! Why can't I crave vegetables and things that are healthy for once?!

5. Speaking of chocolate, maybe that's why I've been having weird dreams with this pregnancy. I keep dreaming that I have the baby, at this point in my pregnancy, before I'm even showing, and the baby is full size...and a boy. Hmmm...I don't know what to make of that.

6. And yes, I'm not really showing yet. Another way this pregnancy is different, although this may be explanable. With Charlie I took a long time to show (in my mind at least)...however with Chance, I couldn't fit in my favorite jeans almost as soon as I said "We're pregnant!" This time it's still easy to hide, although I can tell things have moved around a bit. This time I have to think it's because I was running often that's kept things at bay. Maybe I'll be in better shape this time than I ever was with the first two! Who knows, maybe I'll try delivery without an epidural even! Ummmm....nah. ;)

7. Not showing does make it awkward with having to tell people I'm pregnant. People probably think I'm lying when I say I'm three months along with number three. Chalk it up to good genes, I think...and good jeans. This time around I have bigger sizes that also help me hide it. But it still seems surreal when I have a sonogram and see this baby in there, that I can't feel and can't even tell is there! In a lot of ways, this pregnancy feels like my first...Charlie didn't seem "real" until he was born. Except this time I'm not devouring books on pregnancy...I'm way more relaxed this time.

8. But all that relaxation may go out the window for me if it's a girl. I'm totally ok with a boy or a girl, but a girl would be new, and I would have a lot more to learn, I think. Chuck and Charlie both have their hopes up for a girl. In fact Charlie was telling me he wanted a baby sister a few months before we got pregnant...I have to wonder if that has leverage in Heaven. Did God decide to grant his little heart's desire? While I'd be excited to have a girl, I'm a little apprehensive (already) about having a teenage girl someday... I know, it's a little early for that, but that really is my reason for not wanting a girl as much. At least boys always (well usually) love their mommas. ;) Of course, there are advantages both ways, and I will be happy either way. If we did have a girl, she would have two big brothers to help her dad and I keep her from all the boys in the teenage years! We'll find out in late October what we're having (boy or girl...or alien...just kidding).

9. The main question we get is, "Do you want more?" The answer is "No." While I was hesitant about stopping permanently at two kids, I have no qualms with stopping at three. So unless God just changes our minds drastically in the next year, this will be it. I'm really at peace with that decision. However, we may be open to adopting someday. One thing that impressed me about Chuck is that he brought up how he wants to adopt a child someday when we dating. Gotta love a heart that longs to help those in need...

10. Back to the symptoms. I may not be as cranky (or evil, as those around me may describe it) or tired, but I have been sleepy, and have slept a lot. In the last week this has let up quite a bit, and my energy levels are starting to rise... along with nesting symptoms. I didn't really nest until third trimester with the first two, but now I find myself waking during the night, thinking of projects around the house and what all I need to do/clean/organize/etc. However, I do fear it'll get worse, as it was before, where I get very frustrated that I can't just wrinkle my nose and have it all done instantly.

Also I have had a new symptom for me: temperature problems. If I change environments with drastic temperature changes, then I have a hard time coming back to normal. In other words, I overheat easy...although I also get really cold easily. Usually our thermostat is set on 74, but the other day I had it up to 79 and I was still walking around the house with sweat pants/shirt and wrapped in a blanket. Of course, everyone else was burning up! That's been a little frustrating, for sure. My doctor says I'm getting a taste of menopause... oh great! Gives me something to look forward to. ;)

Alright, I think this is a fairly comprehensive recap. I predict trimester two will be more about what projects I've gotten done than anything else. Ha! So stay tuned...

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Comment from The Thiers &- Blog Archive &- Pregnancy Chronicles, Trimester Two:

[...] 1. As I had said at the end of "Pregnancy Chronicles, Trimester One," this could really be more about projects I've done over the last 3 months than anything else. Let's just say a lot of nooks and crannies of our house have been reorganized. You may not be able to tell if you come over to visit, but oh how I can tell! I recovered my dining room chairs with vinyl, so they're now child-proof! I keep wondering why I didn't do that long ago... Also, I probably take more delight in things like baskets and storage bins, and the satisfaction of getting things out of sight than most people. Or even more than I would if I weren't pregnant, for that matter. [...]