Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not So Random Rambling

Chuck's New Arcade Game Players Gaming

[Thanks Anton, for the photos!!]

To catch up a little...Yesterday was Chuck's birthday! Not the best day to be your birthday, I know (9/11), but he came first, I keep telling him. He said he wants to print a shirt that says "Osama hijacked my birthday." Anyhow, we actually celebrated already so we didn't do anything on the actual day. On Saturday we sent the boys off, and had an all day gaming party. It was an absolute blast, and we're hoping to do that again soon. Chuck got to test out his arcade that he's built, and we even played a few new games, Mario Party 8 on the Wii and Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's on PS2. The highlight for me was pulling out a friend's Settlers of Catan board game. By the way, if you want to try it yourself online, it's free and fun...just click here.

Yesterday was also my first day back in Ladies' Bible Study, which caused much rejoicing in the land (or at least my house). Charlie and Chance love going to Bible class, I love the break and time with other women in the Word! And there was a new joy for me in dropping Charlie off at class and being able to say "he's potty trained now." I was a bit worried about how he'd do apart from me...if he'd remember to go to the bathroom...but he had no accidents. Way to go, kid! You're growing up so fast.

Speaking of that, today he fell asleep in the car, so I carried him into the bedroom. It struck me that this child that once fit inside my body, was now way too heavy to carry. It's a weird feeling, for sure...they grow so fast. Anyways...

Another tidbit in my rambling...By a friend's suggestion (Thanks, Sarah!), I checked out a blog called The Pioneer Woman, and I highly recommend it. A stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4 who lives on a ranch in Texas decided about a year ago to start blogging...and now she's renown for it. Her writing style is so great and hilarious! She's also into photography, and explains how she does things, which I find very helpful! But the best part is she has her own website dedicated to cooking, where she takes you step by step with photos thru each simple recipe. I can now say (somewhat embarrassingly) that I'm ready to try to make my own gravy! All the recipes are very Southern, and I'm definitely making her dishes! So if you get a minute, check her out, and her cooking site: The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

And finally, a few funny things from today...

Charlie Roars Like a Lion - edited SA Zoo Sept 07 -edited

I took the boys to the zoo, because how could you not want to be outside in this glorious weather?! Afterwards we rode the train, and a gentleman waved at the boys as we passed by. Charlie said, "Look at that man, Mommy! He has a cowboy hat! He's a cowboy!" Then here comes the punchline: "Cowboys live in Texas!"

He also has recently learned what the Texas flag looks like, and always points it out when he sees it. If Texas ever did succeed from the Union, I don't think Charlie would notice. While we do have pride in being from Texas and love this great state, I think that can sometimes become more snobbery than anything...We may have to work on that.

Also while on the train, there was a couple sitting in front of us, and they kissed. So Charlie exclaims (to my great embarrassment), "Mommy, look they are kissing! Why are they kissing?!" I explained because they love each other and how sometimes grown ups do that when they love each other. So he said, "Yeah, you and my daddy love each other because you kiss. And Chancey and I love each other, and we hug ourselves. But Chance doesn't know how to kiss."

Also at the zoo, I got the biggest kick out of watching Chance. He's at a stage now that he loves animals and they just crack him up. There'd be a big group of people at a window, and he would run into the middle of them and his laugh would just echo throughout the place.

I also took lots of pictures (I mean really, are you surprised?!), but I'm a bit behind on editing, so I'll catch you up later.

Lastly, who, besides me, slept with the windows open last night?! Oh yeah!! I have always loved autumn, but I think I love it even more when I'm pregnant. I could handle every summer being like this...floods and all! If you're fortunate enough to be living in this cold front, I hope you finish reading my blog and go outside!


Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

Oops, that other comment was meant for this posting! Well, talk to you soon!! Love, Melony

Angie said...

Comment from Sarah Jones:

I'm glad you liked the 'The Pioneer Women'... she totally cracks me up. And you're right, her food always looks amazing!!

I have really wanted to sleep with my windows open, but whatever is in the air these days is causing me much trouble. One minute I'm fine, the next I'm sneezing and I want to scratch my eyes out. Gotta love allergies!


Angie said...

Comment from Angie:

Yep, allergies are the hitch to anytime we have nice weather around here, huh?! Maybe we should all move to Hawaii where the weather is nice year round and allergies are nonexistent!