Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Times

So this week has been good, short, and a bit uneventful. But there are a few things I want to record.

Silly Charlie

1. Charlie is amazing me with his potty training skills. There have been a couple of nights that we forgot to put a diaper on him, and he didn't wet the bed. He now asks to not have a diaper at nap time and does fine then too. I am so grateful to have only one kid to change all day! Charlie also takes the initiative all the time, I never have to ask him to go. He has had a couple of accidents, and he usually tells me he did it on purpose because he was enjoying playing and didn't want to stop to potty! Ahh, oh well. But he now is in "big boys" all day every day, even if we are going places...including trips to Austin and back. I'm so relieved that it finally "clicked" for him. I was beginning to wonder if it'd ever happen. :)

2. One kinda funny story...Chuck's parents gave us a rug for our dining room that I've been so excited about. We got it home Monday, but I knew we were too worn out to get it under the table then. The next day...still too tired. But Wednesday, I put the boys down for naps and decided to watch "Clean House" (I love that show!!) before I went to sleep...but instead got inspired to get the house cleaned up and the rug rolled out. But what happened in the process is I couldn't get Chuck's arcade cabinet on rug because it was too heavy, and really didn't fit well. I guess I should mention that because we don't have a garage we really have no place for the deceptively LARGE arcade! Anyhow, Chuck gets home, and I tell him we need to fit it in the living room... so we spend all evening rearranging furniture over and over again, trying to make it all puzzle pieces! Amazingly, we got to it to work, and now I'm really liking the change. But for awhile there I was ready to sell all our furniture, call our builder about building a garage (it's a dream of mine anyway...), or buy a bigger house!! Ah, pregnancy hormones...I think the nesting is starting. I often can't stop thinking of new ideas of projects to do around the house (poor Chuck!!). And I know it's just beginning because I still have patience...toward the end I know I'll be in melt down stage because I'll want it all done NOW no matter what it takes! Ha!!

3. Also I wanted to remember what happened last night. We had invited a couple over for dinner, something we did a lot more before we had kids. My thought was, I can feed the boys before they get here, then the boys can play while we eat, so we get some time to talk. Well, the boys ate, but then wanted to eat again with us. So I was thinking, "this is going to be unproductive because the boys will take too much of our time to get a real conversation in." But then the boys played for a bit, and then Chance went to bed early, and THEN Charlie crawled up into Chuck's lap and passed out as we talked! I couldn't believe they went to bed early, but it worked out great because we really enjoyed the time with our friends. The funny thing is, I drank too much sweet tea, so I couldn't sleep until really late, but it was fun to feel young again (like back in the pre-kids days...). And to my amazement Chance slept in til 10:45 this morning...and I actually had to wake him up!! So I got to recuperate, too. I want to record this to remember that sometimes things do go well with the boys.

4. Charlie is becoming quite the story teller and singer. At bedtime he tells me the story of the 3 Little Pigs, and he remembers it all so well and is quite dramatic! I really want to record it sometime. And then he likes to sing Bible songs. Last week in the car he just busted out in a song that they sing in Bible class at church that I didn't realize he knew!

Sleeping Boy

5. Chance is becoming quite the gentlemen. He loves to say "thank you" at all the right times to everyone. He also blows kisses and says "bye bye" on demand. And he's been so affectionate lately, always giving us hugs and kisses, even hugging his stuffed animals a lot. One funny thing he does when he wants to go somewhere, he goes to find my shoes, brings them to me and isn't happy until I put them on and say "Let's go!"

Ok well this is long enough so I'll go for now...Happy Weekend everyone!

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