Monday, September 24, 2007

Sovereign God

[I was a bit hesitant to share this, but I had to get it out of my head. It's completely off the cuff, and I may end up revising it. Feel free to give me your opinion...It's just what was on my heart as I heard this recent news...]

A friend of mine lost her husband this weekend. They were in a car accident. They're both early twenties, and have 2 babies - a one year old and a two month old. They'd been married about 3 years. Strong believers, driving home from church picnic/ baptism service at a water hole when he lost control of the car.

Is it too late to warn you, this could be a depressing post?

Once again, my faith is tested. No matter how hard I try, God will not be the God I want Him to be...He's going to be Who He is. Which means He's going to allow things to happen that I don't understand and don't agree with. I guess that's why I'm not God, and He is. But times like these make me wrestle with Him, and come out with a deeper, more mature faith.

The first time I realized God lets things happen like this was shortly after I was married. While Chuck and I were engaged, I met a couple (at the seminary I went to), who had been married just over a year, and were expecting their first child. The woman even made my wedding cakes, which were awesome, with a big baby belly. It was really cute. Chuck and I were married in December, and I didn't see them much over the next semester, and she had the baby at the beginning of summer. That summer I sent her a Thank You card with some photos of her beautiful cakes. That August as I started back to school, her husband pulled me aside, thanked me for the Thank You, and told me she'd passed away. Six weeks after their daughter was born she came down with a weird form of Strep that went into her blood, and within a couple of days...she was gone. I cried and cried out to God the whole way home. How could He allow this to happen? Didn't they deserve a good life? Besides, they were His servants!! And newly married, and with a baby who needed her momma!! If this could happen to them, it could happen to Chuck and I, too! (You can imagine my fear when Chuck gets heart problems the day after we found out we were pregnant the first time.) Finally I came to accept the fact that God is God. Even His foolishness is greater than our wisdom (1 Corinthians 1:25), so whom am I to decide what's best? He is sovereign and He is love. He didn't allow her to die in order to punish or hurt anyone, or even because He was unable to protect them. He has His reasons, which I still don't know, but I can still trust that He loves us.

Ecclesiastes 3:11-14
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. I know that there is nothing better for men than to be happy and do good while they live. That everyone may eat and drink, and find satisfaction in all his toil--this is the gift of God. I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that men will revere him.

Once again, I was tested when I watched another young couple lose their first child. They'd been married awhile, they were successful in conceiving the first time they tried, and the baby was born looking completely healthy...but tests had already shown he had a heart defect. He never came home from the hospital. For 5 long weeks they tried everything possible to save his precious life, but to no avail. I know God is there, that God loves them, but what was the point of allowing that to happen? What could possibly be worth going through such pain?

These experiences of loss are not just one time incidents...they last a lifetime in the lives of the families. And the grace part, the mercy part is this: God longs to comfort, and only He can truly heal. But even healing doesn't mean you won't think of your lost loved one for everyday of your life. But here's Scriptural proof that God longs to comfort those who are hurting:

2 Corinthians 1:3-5
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows.

But all this leads me to realize, life isn't easy. No wonder my grandparents were ready to pass away when they did. Even for all the joy that life contains, it can also contain pain that lasts for your whole lifetime. Which leads me to these verses...

Ecclesiastes 7:1-4
A good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth. It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of every man; the living should take this to heart. Sorrow is better than laughter, because a sad face is good for the heart. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of pleasure.

When I would read the passage above, I always thought that was such a downer. How could the day of death be better than the day of birth?!! But the older I get, the more I get it.

Which leads me to my last reflection lately.

2 Corinthians 4:17
For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

Not that this means we can earn our way to Heaven, but that Heaven is so beyond what we can imagine, all this suffering will pale in comparison. It's like telling a woman who's in the throes of pregnancy sickness that it'll all be worth it in the end. Once that baby comes, it won't matter how many times you threw up, or that you had no life for 9 months. But it's hard to imagine until you hold your own little one. And while some of us have harder pregnancies than others, we all get to enjoy the incredible joy that comes from having a child. And while some of us have harder lives than others, all of us who know Christ, will get to experience the joy of Heaven with Him. Aren't you glad that He offers this to everyone, and longs that none perish apart from Him?

Which leads me to my final point. There may be no security, even with God, from pain and loss. But there is an even more important security that He can bring. He will comfort us here, and He will bring us to Heaven when our time here is finally through. Maybe we'll finally see why He allowed those things to happen. And we'll be united with those who we lost that knew Him. Oh how I want to watch those reunions...the man and his daughter seeing his wife for the first time since the baby was 6 weeks old, the 5 week old baby with his eagerly waiting parents, and my friend and her two babies, with her husband. "God is faithful, Who called you into fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ." (1 Corinthians 1:9).

Life & Death I Cor 15:51

Mammy's flowers (Psalms 103:15-17)

Jason & Kaleb (Psalms 103:13)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Photo Blog and Baby Update

This week was great, but fairly uneventful (one baby update at the end, btw), so I decided to share our latest photos.

While I still feel completely inadequate at shooting true, professional photos, I do have family members who are willing to indulge my newfound joy of photography.

One of those family members is Chuck's cousin Meesh and her family. You've seen their photos before. Oh how it thrills my heart when Meesh says, "Hey Ang, do you think we could take some pictures?"

Elijah's 4 month photos
[I learned from this session why most baby photos are taken while the baby is asleep. His smiles are incredible, but hard to catch on camera.]

Elijah's 4 month photos

Elijah's 4 month photos
[I love this one, because I got to put a little of our view from upstairs in it!]

[I can't take credit for these, they are Chuck's handiwork...]
Boston Family Portraits

Boston Family Portraits

All this made me want a studio!! And better equipment! And the photography monster is fed some more...

Anyhow, yesterday I had my 15 week check up at the doctor. The heartbeat is in the 150s, which is great, and also different. Charlie's and Chance's were always in the 130s. My doctor said that's often an indicator of a girl. She said she typically sees girls have higher heart rates, and this is the range she would expect it to be in. Oh how my doc loves to get my hopes up! It was an odd experience having her put the heart thing on my belly and hear the heartbeat, and then hear the baby kicking the heck out of it...but not feeling a thing inside. I'm starting to feel little kicks here and there, but nothing real yet... I seem to remember feeling the boys move sooner. Oh, and for those who are concerned about me...I've gained 3 pounds in 4 weeks and am just about back to the weight I was at when I first learned I was pregnant. So the doctor is not worried, and she said I'm not showing much yet is due to being in shape (for once!).

Monday, September 17, 2007


I guess I learned this weekend a little bit of a humbling lesson: I'm not a doctor. :)

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I read as many books on pregnancy as I drank gallons of chocolate milk. Once I got to the actual delivery, I learned that no matter of knowledge can truly prepare you. Decisions had to be made where there wasn't enough information to know which way was best, and honestly, I learned that relying on God's peace was way more important than being informed.

My sister has done the same thing with her first pregnancy. It's fun to watch! So last Friday she tells me she's having contractions about 5 minutes apart for over 12 hours, and I'm amazed at how calm she is. Were they real contractions, or just the practice kind? She said she would try to walk to find out but usually had to stop and hold on to things for support. Had her water broken? No, but anytime she laid down, a little fluid would leak out when she sat up. Ok, my diagnosis is: get your pregnant self up to that hospital pronto! I'm 100 miles away, freaking out, ready to load up my kids and go get her myself. I won't lie, Chuck gets off work, and he even takes over driving from me because I'm scaring him in my hysteric state! ;) So we rush into Austin just as she's getting checked in at the hospital. They put her in a room, and the nurse checks her: no change. She's still 1 cm dilated. She's also talking and laughing, so I'm that's not active labor. But what about the leaking fluid...that has to be a rupture higher up in the womb. Let that go too long, and the baby could get an infection. He needs his amniotic fluid!! So, the nurse tests her with a liquid that would change colors if her water is broken...and it doesn't change. Also, her doctor is on his way out of town, and informs the nurse to tell her to go home. I announce in my superior state that I disagree with this decision...I think her water has officially broken!

Anyhow, we're already in Austin so we hang out for the weekend and her symptoms continue to be the same. But we head back Sunday night knowing I could be returning Monday if her doctor sees her and decides to induce. But the doctor sees her this morning, and tells her that SHE has an infection, but she's not really leaking fluid, so there's no need to induce. At this point, as Chuck so gently reminds me, I'm not the doctor. I know they can make mistakes but it's probably more likely that my diagnosis is wrong. So if you think you might be in labor...I guess it'd be better to consult someone who delivers babies every day than a woman who thinks 2 deliveries is enough experience to be able to tell you what to do... ;)

Also, while on the subject of how I've been humbled lately, let's not forget my interior decorating skills. Just like photography, interior decorating is way harder when you throw two little tornadoes (Charlie & Chance) into the mix. As I mentioned in a prior post, Chuck's parents gave us a rug for our dining room. The amount of joy and satisfaction it has given me anytime I look at it, is probably more than what's healthy! :) It's not made of carpet, but a weave of some sort (kinda like a wicker basket). So I'm thinking, this is good, it'll be easy to keep clean...WRONG. I completely underestimate my kids! Lately they've been wanting normal open cups instead of sippy cups (and I grieve, for sippy cups are so much cleaner!). This morning Chance spills his water, but that's ok, that's why all he gets is water in his cup! By the way, Chance can now open the dishwasher, get a clean cup out, go over to the fridge and get his cup full of water, and drink it. He's mastered it from watching his brother, and my life just got that much easier. But back to the spillage... Chance spills water, so Charlie has to compete, and decides awhile later to spill Cran-Grape juice. That's right, I let my kid have two of the most permanent dying agents in one drink! So, on it goes to the new rug...we've barely had it two weeks! And reality sets in: My decorating skills could use some honing. It's like I forget sometimes that I have 2 kids (and one on the way!). Add it to the list of the little sacrifices you make in life once you become a parent. So the rug is rolled up and ready to go into our (imaginary) garage, err, um, attic and I'm humbled again...

It's amazing how motherhood doesn't just happen to you, you have to grow into it. While I had always wanted to stay home with my kids, housework and diaper changes were not my life's ambition. I thought I had some intelligence that could be put to good use somewhere...I went to college, after all! I see so many of my friends become moms and suddenly they realize what all that entails...way more than most of us expected! And I don't just mean the sleepless nights. I mean a paradigm shift in what you think gives you value. I may not win a Nobel Peace Prize, or be the CEO of some big company, but somehow becoming a better cook (an ambitious task for sure!), better decorator, better cleaner (I'm still not good at getting laundry stains out!), and especially a better teacher and nurturer are now my great and lofty goals. I may not be making any money, but hopefully I'm molding 2 (soon to be 3) precious lives...

Which leads me to my latest thought (I'm rambling, I know...thanks for humoring me by reading along!)... If my boys are looking to me to know what kind of woman to marry someday, they may be in trouble! I've thought today about how Charlie's future wife will have to be very active. And she may have to accept that Charlie's not very affectionate...although that makes the few times he is very special! Charlie will, however, be a great flirt. He loves to play games, especially hard-to-get. He'll be a great leader in the relationship...which also means she'll have to be a good follower!

However, Chance's wife will be very pleased with all the sweetness this boy possesses. And oh how he loves sympathy! I remember one time as I surveyed my friend Steve's mangled thumb from an accident at his work, I told him that must have hurt so bad! He kinda laughed and said, "Oh but it's so worth it." "How's that?" I inquired. "Because when I get home from work my wife just oohs and ahhs over it and says 'Oh honey, you work so hard for us!'" The attention it brought was worth the pain. Chance's wife will definitely need to be good at dishing out the sympathy...

While I hope they find women who can cook better, accept their roles as wife, support, helper, and mother more easily than I have (and all the sacrifice and lack of freedom that brings...), I have a feeling it's all a process. And maybe twenty some years from now, I can take her under my wing and give her some wisdom that I'm learning each day. Maybe by then I'll be a better doctor and decorator!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not So Random Rambling

Chuck's New Arcade Game Players Gaming

[Thanks Anton, for the photos!!]

To catch up a little...Yesterday was Chuck's birthday! Not the best day to be your birthday, I know (9/11), but he came first, I keep telling him. He said he wants to print a shirt that says "Osama hijacked my birthday." Anyhow, we actually celebrated already so we didn't do anything on the actual day. On Saturday we sent the boys off, and had an all day gaming party. It was an absolute blast, and we're hoping to do that again soon. Chuck got to test out his arcade that he's built, and we even played a few new games, Mario Party 8 on the Wii and Guitar Hero: Rock the 80's on PS2. The highlight for me was pulling out a friend's Settlers of Catan board game. By the way, if you want to try it yourself online, it's free and fun...just click here.

Yesterday was also my first day back in Ladies' Bible Study, which caused much rejoicing in the land (or at least my house). Charlie and Chance love going to Bible class, I love the break and time with other women in the Word! And there was a new joy for me in dropping Charlie off at class and being able to say "he's potty trained now." I was a bit worried about how he'd do apart from me...if he'd remember to go to the bathroom...but he had no accidents. Way to go, kid! You're growing up so fast.

Speaking of that, today he fell asleep in the car, so I carried him into the bedroom. It struck me that this child that once fit inside my body, was now way too heavy to carry. It's a weird feeling, for sure...they grow so fast. Anyways...

Another tidbit in my rambling...By a friend's suggestion (Thanks, Sarah!), I checked out a blog called The Pioneer Woman, and I highly recommend it. A stay at home, homeschooling mother of 4 who lives on a ranch in Texas decided about a year ago to start blogging...and now she's renown for it. Her writing style is so great and hilarious! She's also into photography, and explains how she does things, which I find very helpful! But the best part is she has her own website dedicated to cooking, where she takes you step by step with photos thru each simple recipe. I can now say (somewhat embarrassingly) that I'm ready to try to make my own gravy! All the recipes are very Southern, and I'm definitely making her dishes! So if you get a minute, check her out, and her cooking site: The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

And finally, a few funny things from today...

Charlie Roars Like a Lion - edited SA Zoo Sept 07 -edited

I took the boys to the zoo, because how could you not want to be outside in this glorious weather?! Afterwards we rode the train, and a gentleman waved at the boys as we passed by. Charlie said, "Look at that man, Mommy! He has a cowboy hat! He's a cowboy!" Then here comes the punchline: "Cowboys live in Texas!"

He also has recently learned what the Texas flag looks like, and always points it out when he sees it. If Texas ever did succeed from the Union, I don't think Charlie would notice. While we do have pride in being from Texas and love this great state, I think that can sometimes become more snobbery than anything...We may have to work on that.

Also while on the train, there was a couple sitting in front of us, and they kissed. So Charlie exclaims (to my great embarrassment), "Mommy, look they are kissing! Why are they kissing?!" I explained because they love each other and how sometimes grown ups do that when they love each other. So he said, "Yeah, you and my daddy love each other because you kiss. And Chancey and I love each other, and we hug ourselves. But Chance doesn't know how to kiss."

Also at the zoo, I got the biggest kick out of watching Chance. He's at a stage now that he loves animals and they just crack him up. There'd be a big group of people at a window, and he would run into the middle of them and his laugh would just echo throughout the place.

I also took lots of pictures (I mean really, are you surprised?!), but I'm a bit behind on editing, so I'll catch you up later.

Lastly, who, besides me, slept with the windows open last night?! Oh yeah!! I have always loved autumn, but I think I love it even more when I'm pregnant. I could handle every summer being like this...floods and all! If you're fortunate enough to be living in this cold front, I hope you finish reading my blog and go outside!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Quick Post

And about the boys (since I just wrote that long post about the pregnancy)...

Charlie has learned two new things lately: how to whistle and how to fasten his own seatbelt! Both make me so proud! ;)

Chance is learning to say sentences. In fact, he said "May I see it?" to a cousin at a party on Sunday, referring to a toy. I had a hard time believing it, but then he said it again, as clear as a bell.

Chance has a little more of jealous side than Charlie... Charlie has never minded me holding other babies, but Chance did not like it when I held the new babies of the family over Labor Day weekend. I'm hoping for a miracle in that department by the time this baby is born. He likes babies, as long as they're not near Mommy. ;)

Pregnancy Chronicles, Trimester One

Although I put tidbits in each blog, this is a recap of the pregnancy of baby3 so far...

1. When I took a pregnancy test this time, I totally didn't expect a positive! With both of the boys, I knew before I could even get a positive result, because I was cranky (think PMS on steroids) and tired. This time...I felt normal. I figured this could be a bad sign, so I told no one really until I talked to my OB. But I DID tell Chuck, of course. I even secretly video taped telling him, thinking it might be a sweet memoir someday. That wasn't my greatest idea, because while there are moments of great joy and excitement, there are also moments of freaking out, "how are we going to survive this?" kinda moments. My favorite though is when Chuck says, "So how did this happen?" Hahaha. Maybe that's why we keep getting the "One of these days y'all are gonna figure out what causes that" jokes...

Also about my video, my thought was it'd be a sweet gift to baby3 someday...But now I could see the poor child going to therapy because he/she saw the video! hahah!

2. And actually, since this is our first time to get pregnant by surprise, I must record the "how" it happened (are you scared? I don't write X rated blogs, I promise!)...I ovulated very early, and my body was telling me, but I didn't listen...and voila! Another precious Thier baby is on its way!

3. Having a cyst was actually a great blessing and a sign from God. Because I thought mild/no symptoms = problems, the doctor's news that I had a cyst was confirming that this baby is for real. The cyst lets off hormones that actually protect the pregnancy. It also tends to make me moody (PMS like) so why I wasn't feeling that, I really don't know?! Although Chuck says he had thought I might be, but being the smart man he is, he kept his mouth shut. Note to all guys...never tell a girl you think she has PMS if you value your life whatsoever! Chuck knew I only get PMS when I'm pregnant, so he had his suspicions.

4. Cravings. Some different, some the same. With Charlie it was hearty meat and potatoes kinda meals, with Chance it was Mexican food, with this one it's junk! Pizza, french fries, etc. With Charlie I had aversions to Mexican, with Chance I couldn't stand barbeque. With this aversions so far. However, with all 3, I crave chocolate!! Why can't I crave vegetables and things that are healthy for once?!

5. Speaking of chocolate, maybe that's why I've been having weird dreams with this pregnancy. I keep dreaming that I have the baby, at this point in my pregnancy, before I'm even showing, and the baby is full size...and a boy. Hmmm...I don't know what to make of that.

6. And yes, I'm not really showing yet. Another way this pregnancy is different, although this may be explanable. With Charlie I took a long time to show (in my mind at least)...however with Chance, I couldn't fit in my favorite jeans almost as soon as I said "We're pregnant!" This time it's still easy to hide, although I can tell things have moved around a bit. This time I have to think it's because I was running often that's kept things at bay. Maybe I'll be in better shape this time than I ever was with the first two! Who knows, maybe I'll try delivery without an epidural even! Ummmm....nah. ;)

7. Not showing does make it awkward with having to tell people I'm pregnant. People probably think I'm lying when I say I'm three months along with number three. Chalk it up to good genes, I think...and good jeans. This time around I have bigger sizes that also help me hide it. But it still seems surreal when I have a sonogram and see this baby in there, that I can't feel and can't even tell is there! In a lot of ways, this pregnancy feels like my first...Charlie didn't seem "real" until he was born. Except this time I'm not devouring books on pregnancy...I'm way more relaxed this time.

8. But all that relaxation may go out the window for me if it's a girl. I'm totally ok with a boy or a girl, but a girl would be new, and I would have a lot more to learn, I think. Chuck and Charlie both have their hopes up for a girl. In fact Charlie was telling me he wanted a baby sister a few months before we got pregnant...I have to wonder if that has leverage in Heaven. Did God decide to grant his little heart's desire? While I'd be excited to have a girl, I'm a little apprehensive (already) about having a teenage girl someday... I know, it's a little early for that, but that really is my reason for not wanting a girl as much. At least boys always (well usually) love their mommas. ;) Of course, there are advantages both ways, and I will be happy either way. If we did have a girl, she would have two big brothers to help her dad and I keep her from all the boys in the teenage years! We'll find out in late October what we're having (boy or girl...or alien...just kidding).

9. The main question we get is, "Do you want more?" The answer is "No." While I was hesitant about stopping permanently at two kids, I have no qualms with stopping at three. So unless God just changes our minds drastically in the next year, this will be it. I'm really at peace with that decision. However, we may be open to adopting someday. One thing that impressed me about Chuck is that he brought up how he wants to adopt a child someday when we dating. Gotta love a heart that longs to help those in need...

10. Back to the symptoms. I may not be as cranky (or evil, as those around me may describe it) or tired, but I have been sleepy, and have slept a lot. In the last week this has let up quite a bit, and my energy levels are starting to rise... along with nesting symptoms. I didn't really nest until third trimester with the first two, but now I find myself waking during the night, thinking of projects around the house and what all I need to do/clean/organize/etc. However, I do fear it'll get worse, as it was before, where I get very frustrated that I can't just wrinkle my nose and have it all done instantly.

Also I have had a new symptom for me: temperature problems. If I change environments with drastic temperature changes, then I have a hard time coming back to normal. In other words, I overheat easy...although I also get really cold easily. Usually our thermostat is set on 74, but the other day I had it up to 79 and I was still walking around the house with sweat pants/shirt and wrapped in a blanket. Of course, everyone else was burning up! That's been a little frustrating, for sure. My doctor says I'm getting a taste of menopause... oh great! Gives me something to look forward to. ;)

Alright, I think this is a fairly comprehensive recap. I predict trimester two will be more about what projects I've gotten done than anything else. Ha! So stay tuned...

Friday, September 7, 2007

Happy Times

So this week has been good, short, and a bit uneventful. But there are a few things I want to record.

Silly Charlie

1. Charlie is amazing me with his potty training skills. There have been a couple of nights that we forgot to put a diaper on him, and he didn't wet the bed. He now asks to not have a diaper at nap time and does fine then too. I am so grateful to have only one kid to change all day! Charlie also takes the initiative all the time, I never have to ask him to go. He has had a couple of accidents, and he usually tells me he did it on purpose because he was enjoying playing and didn't want to stop to potty! Ahh, oh well. But he now is in "big boys" all day every day, even if we are going places...including trips to Austin and back. I'm so relieved that it finally "clicked" for him. I was beginning to wonder if it'd ever happen. :)

2. One kinda funny story...Chuck's parents gave us a rug for our dining room that I've been so excited about. We got it home Monday, but I knew we were too worn out to get it under the table then. The next day...still too tired. But Wednesday, I put the boys down for naps and decided to watch "Clean House" (I love that show!!) before I went to sleep...but instead got inspired to get the house cleaned up and the rug rolled out. But what happened in the process is I couldn't get Chuck's arcade cabinet on rug because it was too heavy, and really didn't fit well. I guess I should mention that because we don't have a garage we really have no place for the deceptively LARGE arcade! Anyhow, Chuck gets home, and I tell him we need to fit it in the living room... so we spend all evening rearranging furniture over and over again, trying to make it all puzzle pieces! Amazingly, we got to it to work, and now I'm really liking the change. But for awhile there I was ready to sell all our furniture, call our builder about building a garage (it's a dream of mine anyway...), or buy a bigger house!! Ah, pregnancy hormones...I think the nesting is starting. I often can't stop thinking of new ideas of projects to do around the house (poor Chuck!!). And I know it's just beginning because I still have patience...toward the end I know I'll be in melt down stage because I'll want it all done NOW no matter what it takes! Ha!!

3. Also I wanted to remember what happened last night. We had invited a couple over for dinner, something we did a lot more before we had kids. My thought was, I can feed the boys before they get here, then the boys can play while we eat, so we get some time to talk. Well, the boys ate, but then wanted to eat again with us. So I was thinking, "this is going to be unproductive because the boys will take too much of our time to get a real conversation in." But then the boys played for a bit, and then Chance went to bed early, and THEN Charlie crawled up into Chuck's lap and passed out as we talked! I couldn't believe they went to bed early, but it worked out great because we really enjoyed the time with our friends. The funny thing is, I drank too much sweet tea, so I couldn't sleep until really late, but it was fun to feel young again (like back in the pre-kids days...). And to my amazement Chance slept in til 10:45 this morning...and I actually had to wake him up!! So I got to recuperate, too. I want to record this to remember that sometimes things do go well with the boys.

4. Charlie is becoming quite the story teller and singer. At bedtime he tells me the story of the 3 Little Pigs, and he remembers it all so well and is quite dramatic! I really want to record it sometime. And then he likes to sing Bible songs. Last week in the car he just busted out in a song that they sing in Bible class at church that I didn't realize he knew!

Sleeping Boy

5. Chance is becoming quite the gentlemen. He loves to say "thank you" at all the right times to everyone. He also blows kisses and says "bye bye" on demand. And he's been so affectionate lately, always giving us hugs and kisses, even hugging his stuffed animals a lot. One funny thing he does when he wants to go somewhere, he goes to find my shoes, brings them to me and isn't happy until I put them on and say "Let's go!"

Ok well this is long enough so I'll go for now...Happy Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

Ah, so much to report...where to start?

How about my new favorite place! Last week I met my folks half way and passed off the kids. On the way back, I ventured thru the hill country and found this incredible area called "Edge Falls." If only the pics could let you hear the beautiful sound of the roaring falls! It's definitely out on the back roads...the bridge going over all this didn't even have rails!! And for your photography folks, I was excited to shoot with an aperture of f22, without a tripod even! But the experience did make me want a new lens, because my current one can't get the whole scenery in view....

Edge Falls

Edge Falls

Anyhow, while the boys were gone I had a dream of a day. Chuck and I went out on a date. I got a massage (thanks, Jay! What a gift!!). I went Goodwill shopping. I even got my hair cut!! All the things I can't do with the boys around. Then Chuck took some days off and we went to meet the boys in Austin. They had a blast by the way, because my parents took them swimming and to a baseball game.

So we spent Thursday-Monday in Austin and it was great catching up with family and friends. And yes, I have pictures to show for it ;)

Charlie & Grandpa
[Having fun with Grandpa.]

A little worn out...
[Charlie was so tired, he passed out at the dinner table.]

The Boston Family
[Our cousins and their baby Elijah. What a cutie!]

And now we're home and enjoying the cooler weather (and the second trimester!)...More fun to come. :)