Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You know Charlie might be bored when...

You know Charlie might be bored when:

~He flushes two matchbox cars down the toilet.

~He drops a glass pot lid and watches it shatter.

~He comes under me as I'm carrying a plate of hot taquitos, and hits the plate, watching the taquitos fly thru the air.

~He unloads all the dirt out of a flower pot, then proceeds to scoop it up and cover his brother in it.

~He says his knee hurts, so he grabs various things out of the fridge and holds them on his knee (like a carton of whipping cream, for instance.)

And all this was just today. And the day isn't over yet...

Chance is sick today, so we've been laying low, and you can see the ramifications of that already. Chance's nose started running Monday and now he's got a fever to match. I just don't get why one has a great immune system, and the other doesn't. I hope baby #3 will have Charlie's resistance to things...

Today I really feel like I need a vacation. Big contrast to yesterday, huh?

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