Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Race and The Baby

The Race

Today was the big day, I ran my first 10K race! It was the first time I'd ever run 6.2 miles! I was so nervous and excited last night I could hardly sleep. My goal was just to make it thru the whole thing without having to slow down and walk, and I made it! In fact I figured my time would be around an hour and fifteen minutes, but I came in at an hour and three minutes. I set up a new music playlist on my mp3 player and just ran an easy pace the first five miles, conserving energy for the end, where I really pushed it. The inspiring thing to me was seeing all the elderly runners (mostly men). One man came in right around my time and I don't know his age, but he was in the 75 years and up class! It was a little humbling when these guys would pass me, but encouraging nonetheless. That's what I want to do... be in good enough shape to race in my golden years! Anyways, my average mile was 10:12, which was pretty exciting...I thought I'd be between 10:30 and 11 minutes a mile. But to think, when I ran in college, I got down to less than 7 minutes a mile! Anyhow, now I'm done, and the experience totally makes me want to do more...but not to worry, I'm laying off for the next 9 months. :)

The Baby

And speaking of, I went to my check up yesterday. The baby looks great and was even wiggling around for me, and the cyst is no longer of any concern at all, so I'm back to regular check ups. I have really enjoyed seeing all the growth and development every two weeks, so I'm going to miss it. I'm 11 weeks now, I go back at 15 weeks, and my next sonogram is at 20 weeks. Also, the placenta is getting close to being fully formed, which translates into very good news for me= I should start feeling back to normal soon! Just in time to not run anymore, haha.

One funny thing that happened while I was there... Since in my last appointment the baby was dancing, and I didn't video tape it, I've had a few family members remind me to make sure I get it on video this time. My doctor doesn't have a recorder, so I have to just video tape the screen with a camcorder. So I get into the room, and I tried to adjust the monitor that's mounted on the wall so it would come out clearly...but to my dismay, the monitor went from a vertical position to a horizontal one. So there I am holding my lovely check up skirt around me, trying to adjust this monitor, when the doctor walks in. I was sooo embarrassed. She got up on a chair and tried to fix it but couldn't. I really wanted to melt into the floor!! My doctor was so gracious and said not to worry, she'd call maintenance to fix it... ;)


Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

Oh Angie! I just love to read your blogs! The last part about the monitor cracked me up!!! (I needed that laugh, so thanks!)
Also, congrats!!!! Running and being pregnant.... KUDOS!!! God bless you Angie! Thank you for always sharing your stories! :)

Angie said...

Comment from Kelly Marzka:

Hi Angie! I just checked out your blog for the first time in a little while, and I am ASTONISHED at how Chance and Charlie have grown since we saw you last. I also just loved seeing the pics of Desiree and sweet little Liliana - those are the first I've seen of her! Love your blog, and I hope Andy and I can see you and your growing family very soon!