Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MAME Arcade Cabinet Update

My wonderful wife decided, for my upcoming birthday, to give me the thumbs up to get the parts that I needed to finish my MAME cabinet! I'm so stoked!

So I have been busy trying to bring things together. My good friend Anton just happened to have a set of extra buttons that he so graciously donated. I ordered the remaining buttons, 4 Mag-Stik joysticks and a I-PAC4 from Ultimarc.

While waiting for the parts to get here, I have also pulled together some old computer parts, installed Ubuntu Feisty with the Radeon frame buffer kernel driver (radeonfb), and AdvanceMame. In theory, this should allow me to run MAME on the original arcade monitor (*crosses fingers*) using my old Radeon 7500 card. I have also prototyped the control panel layout on card board.

No new pics yet, but I promise to post some as soon as I get the parts in. I'm really excited that everything is starting to come together!

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