Friday, August 17, 2007

The Low Down on the Boys

A couple of days ago I was in the midst of writing a long post about all the cute and funny things the boys have been up to lately when the phone rang. As I got up to get the phone, Chance hurried over and banged on the laptop until it froze up. Yep, I lost everything! I don't know if I can even remember it all, but here's a quick attempt.

~Chance has been learning about a word a day, it seems. From "No" to "mine" to "watermelon," he's figuring it all out. And about the "mine"'s starting to come into use with Charlie. I always thought Charlie did well in the area of sharing (and he still does for the most part), but now I realize it was because he didn't have someone to fight with at Chance's age. As laid back and happy as Chance is, he will let his will be known when it comes to playing with things (and eating food!). He yells at his brother often...we're working on that.

~And speaking of food, I know I've mentioned before that Chance usually cleans up after us when we're done eating, but lately he's become a bit of a food thief. Charlie isn't one to sit at the table and eat a meal. Usually he just takes breaks from playing to grab a bite here and there. This works to Chance's advantage, because the minute Charlie isn't looking, Chance is scarfing up everything on his plate!

~But I have to balance this with Chance's good side. He is so affectionate. Charlie was a bit too busy to sit and cuddle or hug or anything at this age. But Chance often crawls up into my lap, makes sure he gets my full attention, and gives me hugs and kisses. He's even learned to kiss with his mouth closed (no more drooling kisses!), and says the "muah" sound. He likes to give his brother hugs too, which is kinda ironic, because Charlie has to give Chance hugs when he hurts him, but they're usually half hearted. Yet Chance will give him hugs without prompting!

~Chance also loves to say "Thank You." In fact, when he watches Sesame Street and at the end they thank their sponsors, he always says, "Thank You." It's really funny.

~While for the last year and a half Charlie has been my more difficult kid, that's starting to flip flop... I figured it would. Charlie can still add a challenge to my day sometimes, but Chance is starting to really show his rebellious side. And while we once struggled with bringing Charlie out into the public, now it's Chance that is our challenge. At restaurants I call him my little politician, because he is not content to sit at a table. He only wants to meet all the people at the other tables! In stores he's not content to sit in a cart, he must be free to roam! I've finally pulled out the harness/leash that fits over him and allows me to keep him within a few feet of me, and to my great surprise, he complies very well with it. But otherwise, we try to stay home as much as possible. My shopping days are over for awhile :( hehe.

~And on to Charlie. He is getting easier. Of course, now the challenge is answering a million questions a day. Yesterday we got 10 inches of rain in 12 hours! And what I heard over and over was: "Why God made rain?"

~Charlie's getting closer to being potty trained. Today is the third day in a row that he's worn underwear all day. Although this afternoon he accidentally wet himself. But we're getting there. Tonight he gets a big lego set for making it three days!

~The boys play so well together, too, which makes life fun! I've blown the dust off the camcorder and have started recording tidbits of their interactions, from swimming together, to playing in the dirt (today they found a worm, that was hilarious!), to imitating each other's sounds, to chasing each other around the house. The list goes on and on.

There are more stories to tell, but my pregnant brain isn't working right now, so I'll try to post more later...Stay tuned! ;)

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