Thursday, August 2, 2007

Do you believe in miracles?

My mom told me a story this morning that I wanted to share. This is a true story of what happened to one woman in my hometown.

This woman had a female condition (I'll save you the gory details) that made it hard to have babies. She did have one successful pregnancy, then 4 miscarriages. Then she began missing periods, went to the doctor, but the tests came back negative for pregnancy so they chalked it up to her condition. Then she began gaining weight, so she began dieting and exercising. One day she got really sick, and called her sister who was a nurse, to come over. They were about to go to the ER thinking she was having appendicitis when she began hemorrhaging. She came out of the bathroom crying about it, and the nurse-sister went in to investigate, and to everyone's surprise...a 2 pound preemie was in the toilet! She resuscitated the baby girl, and they rushed to the hospital, and saved her! She's now 4 months old!

I just can't help but be amazed. The woman's mother (who told my mom this story) said she and her Sunday school class at church had been praying for each other's kids and grandkids for about a month prior to this baby's birth, and she'd even been thanking God for a new baby, if one would come...

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