Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to Life

Sprinkler Fun
[Charlie playing in the sprinklers. If you look closely at the larger version by clicking on it, you can see how his front teeth are whiter ("chicklets") than his other teeth.]

Sprinkler Fun

Playground Fun

[They're getting so big!!]

After a bit of a draining week, Nana and Big Daddy treated us to a weekend off. I met them late Friday night in Blanco, and they took the boys to a waterpark on Lake Travis for 5.5 hours Saturday! Needless to say, the boys had a great time. As usual, Charlie did not want to come home when we met on Sunday evening! My pregnancy hormones are really feeling for him, how he feels so torn between Austin and San Antonio.

One quick story, on the way to Blanco, Charlie was watching "Cars" and giving me the usual stream of "Why?" questions. Here's one conversation:

"Mommy, why God made movies?"

"God didn't make movies, people did, Buddy."

"How people make movies?"

"With computers."

"You think God has a computer?"

This truly is a new generation! That's definitely not a question I asked at that age...

Anyhow, Chuck and I got two nights to ourselves, which meant lots of catching up on sleep. And we went camping, something we hadn't done in 8 years! We camped one night on the Guadalupe River so we could watch the meteor shower. It was fun!

Guadalupe River
[Near our campsite on the river.]

Turn Around Don't Drown...or lose your vehicle!
[One sign of the recent flooding...a washed up car!]

So, now it's back to life, but I feel like I've been brought back to life this weekend with the break! Thanks Nana & Big Daddy!!

One other quick story...I went to the obstetrician Friday to check on the baby. For this sonogram, 7 days since the last one, the baby has longer arms and legs, and was dancing!! I wish I would've videotaped it, it just blows my mind. This little one is just over an inch, yet wiggling and moving his/her limbs as if to say "Hey Mom! I'm right here!" Just thinking about it makes me giggle. :)

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Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

How wonderful to hear that you all are doing so well. :) I am amazed at how romantic you and Chuck are! Going camping even when it's hot and you're pregnant! What a blessing to have such a wonderful marriage!!!
Also a MAJOR blessing, grandparents!! What would we do without them! ? Anyhow, I'm glad to see the updates in your life! Thanks for sharing! God bless you! :)