Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Baby #3 is already affecting my blogging

Well, I said before, I hope to keep up with blogging once I have three kids...and it looks like that's already becoming an issue. ;)

Last Friday pregnancy hit me like a two by four between the eyes. Suddenly I am TIRED. I took two long naps Friday and haven't missed a nap since! I'm just sleeping whenever Chance sleeps, which is bad news for Charlie because he gets to be bored for an hour or two. Thankfully, Big Daddy and Nana came to visit. Then Charlie told them he was going home with them! They had compassion on the poor kid and brought him to their house to play. When I talked to him yesterday on the phone I asked if he was having fun, and he said yes, and that he's not ready to come home! Hahaha.

Once again, just like my previous pregnancies, housework has become a major chore. Poor Chuck gets to look through baskets of clean clothes each morning to find what to wear to work. And cooking a real dinner is just about out of the question. I could seriously just lay around all day for days on end and have no problem with it! No going stir-crazy here. :)

Yesterday I did muster the strength to meet a friend at La Cantera Mall and let our boys play together:

Chance's Playdate
[Chance's friend Ethan, what a doll!]


It was nice to feel normal for a little bit...

So, until my next post, if you wonder what's happening over here, you can bet...absolutely nothing! Just laziness and sleep. Baby-making is hard work! ;)

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