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Ok, so I've lagged in blogging this week not only because I was out of town, but because it's been a rough week that I'm not sure I'll want to remember. Chance, as I said in the last post, was sick. But he's had ear infections before, so I knew that once the antibiotics started, he'd be fine. But actually, this time he was worse. From the morning after the first dose he's had diarrhea (and still does, 7 days later!). I still went to see my family, but as his symptoms worsened, I decided to cut it short and come home early. On the way there I stopped halfway at a McDonald's to let the boys play and eat lunch, but that ended when Chance came from the playscape covered in poop! It was definitely one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

Visiting Granny
[My brother shows us his crab traps. He and my mom live on the Bay near Galveston.]

Visiting Granny
[Granny gets a sweet greeting from Charlie.]

Visiting Granny
[Charlie holds a crab for the first time...]

Visiting Granny
[Then Charlie threw the crab back into the water! LOL]

We enjoyed some fun moments with family, and even went to the circus and Chance surprisingly did great then. But he also began vomiting one night, and I knew we should've stayed home. *sigh* Anyhow, I stopped the antibiotics after only 4 doses (2/10 days), yet he's still recovering. It seems to hit hardest at night/early morning. My sweet husband even took part of Friday off so I could recuperate. Thursday I started Chance on probiotics and pedialyte, and he seems to be getting better. And thankfully, his ear doesn't bother him much, although I don't know if he still has the ear infection. We go to the ENT on Monday to get it checked out.

On a side note, while I understand that antibiotics are necessary sometimes, and I'm thankful we have them, I'm so tired of them! I took them way to much over the 2 years that I was carrying strep (and none of the 4 ENTs I saw seemed to understand that carriers can't be cured by antibiotics), and now there are certain kinds that Chance is resistant to...which I think is because I took so much while I was pregnant with him. And now he's been on them at least a dozen times in his 18 months for ear infections and strep. And just this week, my obstetrician said I'm positive for Group B Strep, and I should take an antibiotic now. I did research and found out it'd be pointless, and I'd still have to have it injected during labor. So I decided not to subject this baby to it as well. Not to mention, I was basically overdosed on antibiotics with my tonsillectomy which led to a week of incredible fatigue, and now Chance is reacting with this diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration. Seriously, I'd rather deal with an ear infection than the side effects of antibiotics! Ok, I'll stop ranting. Maybe I only know enough to be dangerous, but my point is, don't take an antibiotic every time the wind blows...even if the doctor hands it out. Do the research.

Anyhow, here are the good things about the week.

~Charlie has been pottying more. Chuck has really gotten into giving him legos as leverage, and it's working!

~Today, Charlie pretended to "go to work" and then came home with a "prize" for me. He told me it was a candy bar, but I couldn't eat it until I went poopie on the potty!

~Charlie has been the redeeming factor this week. He's been very well behaved and helpful! He also greatly enjoyed visiting my family and going to the circus. Today he asked if he could go back to Granny and Bubba's house tomorrow.

~Chance has a new phrase: "What was that?" although it sounds more like "Wuhwuzzat?" He says it at the funniest times. He also says "Thank you" which sounds like "dank coo" often, which melts my heart!

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Hey I'm glad that you all are back and safe at home! I am sorry to hear about all the sickness. :( That must be so tough, especially when you all are on vacation. I hope you are doing okay. I am sorry to hear about being a carrier of group b strep. That's not something you want to hear when you're pregnant and have a sick boy and are on vacation!! I will continue to pray for you and your family. I miss seeing you!! :)
Love your friend,