Monday, July 16, 2007

Little Signs of Life

Well, I'm starting to feel pregnant, a little... I was a bit queasy this weekend, and maybe a little more tired than normal. Thanks to Chuck's willing support, I got a couple of long naps in. I also enjoyed a Chocolate Smoothie from Taco Cabana a little more than normal. :) Those are REALLY good, by the way.

Ryan & Tyler

Chance hasn't been feeling so well either. Friday he began running a fever, and would wake up a time or two during the night. So Sunday I took him to a Pediatric Urgent Care (I love those things!!), and found out he has an ear infection. It was hard for the doctor to see if his tube is still in because of all the wax in the way. But once we get the infection cured, he'll get to see the ENT to check it again. But at least we had 6 months without ear infections!

Charlie had a good weekend, with lots of time with Daddy and some success in potty training. Because Chance was sick, Chuck stayed home with him and let Charlie and I go to church together. Afterwards I had to go to the restroom (this is also becoming more frequent!), and Charlie watched 3 young girls go in ahead of me. So to my surprise, he refused to come in with me! He's growing up!! Just a week ago I had to talk him into wearing clothes outside (I run a nudist colony with potty training). He could not understand why the neighbors would want him to have clothes on! But now, he won't go in a girls' bathroom...

Today I have lots to do (like I really had time to blog, haha!) to get ready for tomorrow. I'm taking the boys to the coast to see family thru Friday. So I'll be out of pocket for awhile...

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