Monday, July 23, 2007

Finally Better

I hate leaving a blog post on such a negative note without following up when things are better. And they are...


Chance's diarrhea cleared up on Sunday and he is back to normal. Here are ways I know he's back:

1. After each meal, he methodically climbs into each chair around the table to inspect each person's plate, in case there are left overs he might like.

2. He's jabbering up a storm. Today his new words were "Peacock" while watching an Elmo show, "cold" as he touched something in the fridge, and "light" as he pointed to the doctor's instrument.

3. The chase is on...Charlie and Chance are back to playing and running around the house again.

Now if only I can get him to sleep past 7 AM... ;)

By the way, we saw the ENT who said his ears look great, tubes are still intact, and we don't need to do a tonsillectomy until the strep becomes an issue. Good news, indeed!


And about Charlie, today was a benchmark. We actually put on the "big boy underwear" today! He wanted to wear them to Chuck E Cheese, where we went to celebrate Charlie's recent accomplishments in potty training. Unfortunately he wet himself a little as we were leaving...maybe we're not quite ready for going out in public yet.

And as for me, there are more subtle signs of pregnancy. My stomach has been a bit uneasy. I've been a bit more sleepy than normal. And chocolate has become a good friend!

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Great to hear! :) God bless you and your family. :)