Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big News!

Maybe it was all the newborn-holding I've been doing. Or maybe it was the fact that Charlie's been telling me he wants a baby sister. Or maybe it's just that God knows what's best for us, even if we didn't have it planned...but we're expecting again!

Baby Baby...Baby?!

Am I disappointed? Many people have probably heard me say in the last year that I'm not wanting a third child anytime soon. I was completely content (and felt like my hands were full) with two. But I've also said "It's really up to the Lord." And so it is...and I'm not disappointed. Of course, how could someone be disappointed about having another baby? :) Both of ours have been such gifts, I know that this third one will be the same. I'm just having to run on faith now, leaning on God for support, peace, and strength. That's a good thing. And while the next few years will probably be even more stressful, at least it's a happy stress, and I know the results will be worth the extra effort. And besides, the more kids, the more grandkids, right?! :)

The only thing that stopped me from making permanent decisions to be done having kids was the idea that I might regret it someday. Our "plan" (hahah- God laughs at plans!) was to either not have any more, or if we wanted more later, we'd be putting at least 3 years between Chance and the next two...that's right, TWO. I had figured I'd space the second and third out, but have #3 and #4 within 2 years of each other...just like Charlie & Chance. BUT obviously, God has shown us that His plan is different. Of course my thought already is, I think we're done after this one! ;) Maybe I should keep my mouth shut before God humbles me again! Hehehe!

So, will we finally get a girl? We shall see. I know a God who listens to our prayers...and I think Charlie has already been praying. And my dad had been praying for grandsons, but I got him to agree to stop that once we learned my sister was having his third grandson...so the odds are in our favor! hehe! Truthfully though, I'd be just as happy with a boy. In fact, I'm not sure I wanna have a daughter going thru adolescence and not loving her momma someday ;) But once again, "it is up to the Lord." His Will is best and we're truly just resting in His plan, although we don't see the full picture.

And by the way, I saw my gynecologist this morning, and everything looks fine. I'm due March 14, 2008. And she said because this pregnancy is so different (in symptoms), it just may be that it's a girl!? Imagine that?! I thought it was just an old wives tale. We'll see in a few months...


Angie said...

Comment from Melony:


Angie said...

Comment from Melony:

I am sorry, i hit the wrong key and it sent part of my message.... anyhow.... I just knew you were going to have another one!! Something told me that it was in the works for you!!!! God knows what a wonderful mom you are and more kids need a mommy like you.... here's your chance again! :) I pray that your pregnancy goes smoothly! I know the Lord will be with you through all of this!!! HOw wonderful!!!! Congrats!!!! May God bless you all!!!

Angie said...

Comment from StevenandMelissa:

Congrats you guy's. Melissa will be pleased to hear that. I am so happy for ya'll and i hope all goes well. Give my love to the boy's and again congrats you guys hope to see ya'll soon
Steven and Melissa

Angie said...

Comment from Sarah Jones:

Wow!! That is so exciting! I'll be praying for lots of energy for you during the next nine months. Call me if you need anything!