Monday, June 25, 2007


That 3 letter word is really doing a number in our house.

"Why is it raining, Momma? Why is that music playing on that movie? Why? Why? Why?"

Charlie has hit the "Why?" stage, but not with intelligible questions yet. He also asked "Are we there yet?" yesterday.

This evening Chuck said, "Charlie, you have big muscles." He replied, "But Daddy, the dentist said I have a small mouth!" I guess he truly believes he isn't "big" anymore.

He also plays games all day. Slap Jack with cards, play doh, hide-and-go-seek, etc. He often says, "Chancey, you can't find me..." from his hiding place. It's so funny...because instead of finding him, Chance will go hide as well.

Today we went to bring a friend dinner, and on the way Charlie fell asleep. When he woke up we were almost back home and he said "Why our friends have to live so far away?!" He thought we were still on the way there, an hour later!

Also, tonight, he came to me all giddy saying, "Momma I found a little lobster!" Further investigation showed it was a scorpion! Yikes!

I know these are just tidbits, but I've been meaning to record them. :)

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