Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

A week from today is considered the first day of summer, but here in San Antonio, summer is already in full-swing.

Dog Days of Summer

But first, an update from my last post: I took the boys to the dr to get checked again for strep, thinking that Charlie had it since he was getting nauseous a lot. To my surprise, Charlie doesn't have it...but Chance does! The dr did send me to get Charlie's stomach x-rayed, and found out that basically "he's full of it." Ha ha! But we all knew that already, huh?! ;) So Charlie's on metamucil and Chance is on antibiotics again.

This has led me to think that Chance is a strep-carrier like me. I did some research and found out something very interesting. Carriers are not contagious! (Makes sense, because the rest of my family wasn't getting it often over the last 2 years...just this one recent episode). So, when the boys got it, it wasn't from me. It makes sense too, as I look at the timing of the outbreak Charlie had with his symptoms, and how Chance has had it every time he's tested without symptoms. Also, carriers are not in danger just by carrying it. They're only in danger of strep flare ups, which happens when the carriers get worn out (and explains why I've had flare ups since I became a mom!!). You get tired, your immune system is weakened, and the strep gets its chance to flare up. But also carriers are usually asymptomatic. This was true for me, and is true for Chance. So, in 2 weeks, once this antibiotic round is done, we'll have Chance tested again, and probably figure out how to cure the "carrier" side of it. I'm just so relieved to finally have this figured out!

And lastly, I was supposed to get my van back 2 days ago...but there were more delays. It's comical at this point. I'm not mad (at least we have a loaner), but I'm looking forward to getting it back. I can't deny it, I'm a soccer mom now.
On to lately... We got a new slip'n'slide, and have been enjoying the summer weather. I'm so grateful for having oak trees with shade! And of course, the boys are loving it...

Slippin' and Slidin'

They're at an age now that it's so fun to play outside...until it gets too hot! Chance is a little shy of the slide but Charlie's totally into it (obviously).
On another note, I found one more online editor ( This one lets me put my photos in museum settings:

Charlie in the Museum sculpture in the museum

I know, I know, I'm going a little overboard. It's fun though!

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