Thursday, May 17, 2007

This is Harder Than I Thought it Would Be

Well, Day 1 was pretty rough, but Day 2 went really well. My stomach settled, my energy levels slowly rose, I even switched off the pain meds to just tylenol. I felt so good, I walked to the mailbox and back. I had hopes that this was just going to keep progressing, and maybe I'd be up to having the boys back home by the weekend. Day 3 (today) has knocked me on my ear. I don't really get it. I don't see why yesterday went so well, but now I'm too tired to walk very far at a time. The pain is managable as long as I stay on tylenol every 4 hours. It's just my strength is gone. I got up to take some pics of the beautiful flowers I've received, and had to stop in the middle of it because I was zapped. It's not like I was trying to run a triathlon or something?! Anyways, enough ranting. I guess I'll be "resting" awhile longer. Bedridden's the best word for it.

[Flowers from Chuck. He surprised me with these in the post-op room at the hospital.]

I have to brag on Chuck for a minute. He's been up and at'em every time I need anything (and even when I don't). He's working from home, and caring for me. That's a lot. Yesterday I had to show him how to use our washing machine, which was kinda funny. I didn't realize he'd never used it before. So our house isn't the cleanest and I think that's the biggest trial for me. To not have the kids and have so much time on my hands, and not be able to clean house is torture. Maybe God's showing me some things I need to work on. I've always struggled with balancing the important things in life with housework and organizing. Not that my house is usually emaculate (more like rarely), but it's always bugged me if there are chores to be done. It's hard to relax when there's lots of work to do. So I guess this is what I'm supposed to learn while I heal.

[Flowers from Chuck's work. Isn't that sweet?!]

Also, it seems like anytime I lack time for God, things like this happen, and "Voila" I have lots of time for Him now. Just like when my ankle broke before my wedding, I feel like this is an opportunity to get into the Word and prayer more. And even just a time when life isn't going a 100 miles an hour, like usual. I know it's a good thing to be bedridden when I can just think and pray and not be running thru life...but that's so contrary to my personality, it's stretching. But stretching is good. And truth is, things could be a lot worse, so I really have no room to complain.

So today's blog is really more a venting than anything. Thanks for enduring it with me. And may you make time in your life to slow down and reflect...without having to go thru something medical to get you there! Hopefully I'll learn that lesson this time too. ;)

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Comment from Melony:

Hey Angie, I'm so glad that I was able to see you and chuck on Friday. We had fun just being there in your beautiful home. I am so glad that Rachel felt so comfortable (maybe too comfortable- taking over the boys couch). ;) Well, I pray that you are doing better and getting more energy by the day. I will see you soon... mom and I are hoping to help out again sometime next week. Well, thanks for taking all those pics! I LOVE them! It is fun taking pics of Rachel, I have to say! ;) God bless you and talk to you real soon!