Sunday, May 20, 2007

Things are Looking Up!

So, the Lord ministered to me in my ranting, and sent some dear friends/sisters in Christ to clean my house. It was so sweet, and a little humbling. I'm so thankful for their sacrifice and service. Also, they (my friends Elo and Melony) brought Rachel, Melony's daughter, and I felt energetic enough to take some pictures. It was fun! And the whole act of kindness really got me to thinking about how it all works. First, God showed us kindness in while we were still sinners/enemies, He died for our sins so that we could be forgiven. Second, when we think on this act, we can't help but be grateful, at a God who meets all our needs, and more. Third, that overflows to the point that we want to serve and love people, even those whom we may not even be directly responsible for. Fourth, when we serve, they are feeling the direct effect of God's love. It's the Body of Christ, which I studied so much about in Ephesians, at work. Coincidentally, that's where I met Elo and Melony, in the Ephesians study. It's nice when "the Church" does the right thing, even going the extra mile. So all that to say, their visit was refreshing! (And isn't God good?!) Thank you, Elo and Melony, for showing me God's love...and cleaning my dirty house!!

Rachel comes to visit
[Rachel, Melony's daughter and Elo's granddaughter. Isn't she just the cutest?!]

Today we got the boys back! I missed them so much. We met at the Guadalupe River, and to my delight, Charlie actually wanted me to just hold him. At first I thought he had just missed me...but pretty soon I noticed he was sick. He's running a fever and has an upset stomach. So poor Chuck, now has to take care of 2 sick people!

The good news is, Chance is our comic relief. He's been so happy, and has been surprising me with all his new tricks. It's amazing how much he can learn in a week! He climbs up to the fish tank, and laughs as the fish runs from his finger. Then he says, "Fishie!" My stepmom also informed me he said "Chance" this week. Then he sits in Chuck's lap and puts his finger in Chuck's eye, and says, "Eye, Daddy eye." Then he shows us where his eye is...and proceeds to show us nose and mouth! I'd been trying to teach him these before, but he'd never gotten it. I have a feeling he was taught at Nana & Big Daddy's house...


I wrote all that yesterday, and intended to post once Chuck gets his Guadalupe pictures on the computer. But that still hasn't happened, so it'll have to wait til another day.

Last night Charlie did begin throwing up. Pretty soon I followed. But the good news is, Chuck and Chance didn't get it. That was definitely the grossest experience of my life, with everything swollen. But thankfully it's over. Only happened once, and somehow it helped. Since then my energy level has slowly been creeping up. Charlie's lasted through the night, but his joy came in the morning, literally. He's been back to his normal self today. Chuck's parents have come in to stay a few days and help out, which is so wonderful! I was worried about Chuck, since he was up a lot last night with Charlie, and had to stay up all day caring for all 3 of us. He's been such a trooper, and hasn't complained once! It seems like the worst has passed, at least that's what I'm hoping! It seems like I've complained so much about something that's only lasted a week. I am thankful this is just temporary, and I'm looking forward to a life without strep! And I'm really enjoying the time just watching the boys play, not worrying about the house. It's still clean! That's a miracle right there! haha! So this has been a "good" trial, although I'd rather not repeat it ;) I can definitely see some good things it's done in me.

The clouds have parted, and I think the storm is winding down at the Thier home.

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What beautiful thoughts! I'm so thankful to God for allowing me to meet you in our Precepts class. :) He's blessed me so, I am so glad that mom and I were able to help on Friday. Oh yeah, the little girl is GORGEOUS! ;) Of course I'm a little biased. ;) God bless you and I'm glad that you all are getting better. I'm still praying for your full recovery.