Thursday, May 24, 2007

They're Dropping Like Dominoes

To update the recovery, yesterday I woke up feeling much better, and it's been improving ever since. I was actually excited when I could change diapers again--go figure! So, the worst has definitely passed...for me.

Then I found out that Nana (my step-mom) realized by Tuesday that she had strep. We were thinking it was good that the boys came home from her house so they wouldn't get it. But then Chuck came home early from work and went to the doctor and found out he has strep, too. I can't help but feel a bit responsible. But at least it's over...I'll not pass it to anyone again, I hope! Tomorrow, although they don't show symptoms, I'm taking the boys to the doctor to get checked. I'm looking forward to having a healthy family! :)

Chuck's parents have been here since Sunday and I don't know how we would've survived without them. They've been a HUGE help. I'm just hoping we don't pass the strep on to them!

I'll close with a funny story. For dinner I got a rotisserie chicken. As I pulled the lid off, Charlie exclaimed, "That's one big frog, Mommy!!"

I wrote that yesterday, and to update, I took the boys to the doctor today....they both have strep as well. So everyone's on antibiotics together!

Also, some picture catch-up...

The River last weekend:

Sisters and future nephew
[My sisters Desi and Anna. Anna's pregnant with her first baby boy!]

Chuck, beach style
[My handsome husband, and his funny hat.]

Chance Loves His Nana
[Chance, loving on his Nana.]

Sick Charlie, Mute Mommy
[Charlie was sick here, we just didn't know it yet.]

This Week:

Grandma and Grandpa Visit
[Chuck's parents, Chuck, and Charlie, watching a movie.]

Little Feet
[I'm not sure what I think of this one yet, but it was an attempt to get a pic of Chance's little feet.]

Charlie Swimming
[Charlie's big feet, while he's swimming.]

Chance Stuffs His Face
[Chance cracks me up when he eats, because he always stuffs as much as possible in his mouth...I guess so Charlie can't get it?!]

And one artsy one...

Waterfall at La Cantera
[Last night we went to La Cantera Mall, which is a beautiful outdoor/landscaped mall. We let the boys play on the playground then Grandpa & Grandma took them to the ice cream shop. Here's a waterfall that overlooks their playground.]

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Comment from The Thiers &- Blog Archive &- SA or Austin? You decide.:

[...] 4. The area has grocery stores and now a mall nearby, but no Costco. I think I'd go thru withdrawals Also, I recently joined a Lifetime Fitness Gym here in SA that has daycare for while I work out and great kids facilities...the closest one in Austin is about 40 minutes away. The nearest hospital is about 30 minutes as well. Oh and the new mall? It's "upscale" (gag) but it's no La Cantera Mall. [...]