Monday, May 28, 2007

Outdoor Adventures

The health issues have subsided and the fun times are here again...

~Is it just me, or are boys just more prone to dirt?! The boys were playing (in between rain storms) outside in the mud, when I realized Charlie was getting handfuls of mud, rolling them into balls, then squashing them into Chance's hair. Here's what I mean:

Muddy Hair

~We've had a few adventures here at home. Yesterday as we were walking, I finally realized how to keep Chance happy instead of wanting to jump out of the wagon: a constant supply of pebbles! Then they could throw them into the puddles and laugh in delight. We also found a butterfly that I think had been hit by a car. So we brought it home and Charlie displayed some amazing hospitality to it. As we walked home, I would hear him say "It's gonna be ok butterfly. We're going fix you up!" Then he was very careful with it as he brought it in the house. He often just peered over the container and watched it. He even told it "night night." We gave it some banana and hoped it could recover, but by morning, it was a goner. It was a bit disappointing to Charlie that "his" butterfly didn't make it :( But I think it was a good experience, nonetheless.

Wounded Butterfly
[The Wounded Butterfly]

2 Cowboys
[The boys in their wagon, as we endeavored a walk through the neighborhood.]

~Today we all went to a nearby park that had a neat rock wall. Charlie fearlessly climbed it with Daddy's help:

Rock climbing Family

Rock climbing Charlie

~Chance has been displaying some great climbing skills as well. He's overcoming his cautious nature and beginning to scare me from time to time. For instance, here's what he did on the playground a couple of days ago:

Little Monkey

~While Chance is exploring his boundaries, Charlie is exploring his emotions. Today he told me, in a very angry tone, that he was mad at Cheecha (an imaginary friend) for taking all of his toys. Then awhile later at the grocery store when he asked if we could get something, I told him no, and he said "Mommy, you are making me mad right now." It was so funny.

~One fun one...This morning Chance was enjoying his cinnamon roll so much I just had to get a picture:

Cinnamon Roll Lover

~And one serious, in honor of Memorial Day. May we remember those who've gone before us, the heros who've given their lives so we can live in freedom and safety.

Life & Death

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