Sunday, May 6, 2007


Oh, so much to report...

New Train

First of all, the "Choo Choo". This weekend Chuck and I went to a neighborhood-wide garage sale, and found a ride on electric train for the boys. They LOVE it! It made it worth getting up at the crack of dawn and scavenging. It can run on tracks or on the floor. Both Charlie and Chance can drive it, and they both love it. We set it up at Chuck's parents' house, and Chance spent hours just going around and around the track.

New Train New Train

Also, Charlie received a couple of books which he loved, and kept asking everyone to "talk it" (read it to him).

New Train
[Charlie reads his Nascar book with Nana]

New Train
[The boys read the Big Truck book with Grandpa Thier]

We did have another great find, in that Chuck got an arcade game machine...You know, the old school, tall wooden game box? Anyhow, it's been a dream of his to get one of those and build a computer into it that will play lots of old arcade games...and now he has it. Well, sorta has it. We couldn't fit it in the car with the boys, so we had to leave it with his folks. But he'll make another trip soon and bring it home...and then we have to find a place to fit it! Ahh, but still, a good find. hahaha.

Secondly, last Thursday afternoon the boys went to Austin to the grandparents' house. It was a last minute decision, so Chuck and I went on a midnight! We saw the first showing of Spiderman 3. It was awesome. But the reason I'm blogging about this is to remind myself that I'm not as young as I used to be. Going to bed at 3 AM has more effect on me than ever before. It's Sunday and I still haven't "caught up." I'm definitely feeling old.

Here are a couple random pics I've been pleased with...

Random Charlie & Chance Pics Random Charlie & Chance Pics

And lastly, most importantly, this week our family was blessed with a new member! Chuck's cousin had her first baby, Elijah, and he is an absolute doll! I got the privilege of taking some pics of's my favorite:


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